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Review of Business Girls in Bondage:

This is the first of 3 websites the owner has requested me to review. I have only briefly glanced at the other two and they all appear to have the same design, BUT different content. These 3 sites are all run by the same webmaster and you can read their reviews here at pornliving:, This one stands out from the other by not being a pantyhose site but a bondage site (though they all seem to wear pantyhoses) with a twist, the idea is to tie up women in "business"-looking suits and slowly strip them of their clothes.

I was personally pretty fond of the idea, I mean, who doesn't like to see high class babes being treated like the sluts they are (scratch that last comment, it might appear sexist!). I got into it pretty quickly going through the photoshoots at the speed of lightning. The pictures were all of good quality but maybe it got a little tiresome that all the shoots were of women tied to chairs…. Still its was nice to see a "classy" bondage site where a guy with a rubber mask isn't standing next to the girls with a whip looking like "The Gimp" from Pulp Fiction, just classy babes tied up and gagged.

It probably won't take the average hardcore porn surfer many days to get through 51 photo shoots of 18-20 different girls. If you are looking to download the pictures you have to do so manually though because there is no .zip downloads available. There were a lot of the pictures I wanted to save for my own private collection but I don't have the patience to right click-save entire photo shoots by hand ;)

When you get bored with the pictures however you start downloading the video clips. These video clips are available in Windows Media format and are of good enough quality to be viewed full screen and you can download them all (thank god! Is it just me or is streamed video a bit like paying a hooker to get you excited and leave afterwards?).

All the girls with, no exceptions, have video clips available and it's very erotic to see those business babes squirming, moaning, sobbing and begging while trying to get out of their captivity. I blasted the sound to max volume and took it all in. Of course these clips have the same drawback that you see on most sites these day, they are cut up in to segments, 2 minutes per segment. One scene consists of 4 clips which adds up to 8 minutes per scene which isn't bad, actually it would probably get a bit tiresome if the scenes were longer since there is no hardcore action. A lot of the girls (almost all) give you 2 video scenes, so around 40 video scenes is my guess you will find here approximately.

Navigating the site is not that hard, there is actually just one section with the exclusive section but it's linked to two times. The pictures and video are located on the same page and I think more work could have gone in to the design. Instead of just listing all the girls' pictures/videos on one page I think each girl could have her own page. And since they are shooting all this themselves they could maybe also elaborate a little by posting some information about the girls or even some storylines over the sets…..

The makers of this site would like to have you believe that there is a lot more to this site, they have jam packed it with all kinds of leased material (very common), banners, free links and sport score links, but all in all you get the pictures and the videos.

1 month: $19.95 (recurring)


The site is fairly priced and I liked the idea a lot. The videos and pictures were both good and not hard to enjoy. My only criticism would be that the shoots start to look alike (luckily the girls are nice) and that the design is basically a bit boring and I'm sure the material they have here could be better exposed! The usual stuff too ofcourse, I would like full clips to download and maybe .zip downloads for the pictures. Overall I liked the site and if the samples tickly your fancy you should go check it out.


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