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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: No Live Shows: No Formats:

Prices: Limited Trial: $5.95/3 days

Review of Real Butts:

The Webmaster (he makes me capitalize it now) says that people who read porn site reviews aren't all that interested in my personal life. You don't care about my alcoholism, low self-esteem, incontinence, or lack of employment. My therapist says that even though she finds the whole premise of what I'm doing unsettling and sophomoric, she thinks that writing in any forum that helps me externalize my issues is going to be a healthy exercise. (See! I do listen. Bitch!)

With this review, I simply can't stand idly by and leave so many things unsaid. So, here's what I've done: for those of you with Attention Deficit Disorder, just jump down to the bottom where I've laid out the details of the site in a short and sweet manner. For the rest of you, the masochists, just keep reading on through.

Real Butts ignited so many different emotions in me that I became overwhelmed and found myself unable to put into words what I felt about the site. So, I turned to my fiancé for some assistance in fleshing out this review. I'm not sure her participation was as conducive to getting things going as I hoped, but I'm going to include her comments here all the same.

Gripper: What did you think of the site overall, hon?

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: These guys are assholes.

Gripper: Yes, dear. But, what about the video quality and navigation?

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: Anyone who likes this shit is an asshole.

This is my first exposure to what our Webmaster calls Reality Porn. Apparently, (according to the site), much of the Reality Porn out there today started with Real Butts. Most of you have probably seen the clips which are floating around out there from Bang Bus, Back Room Facials, Boob Squad, Older Ladies, and of course Real Butts. This site has all of the episodes from every aforementioned series. The group of guys who run the activities call themselves The Bang Brothers.

The premise is that the Bang Brothers go around conning, bamboozling, bribing, and tricking women into having sex. What sets each series apart is the mechanism used to get them to party. The Bang Brothers would have you believe that these women are actually performing these acts in spite of their better judgment. Just how victimized these women are is up to you, but the more I watch the more convinced I am becoming. Regardless, it adds spice to what could be just plain old amateur porn.

Gripper: Hon, do you think these gals are as reluctant and victimized as they seem?

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: How many of these do you have to fucking download to write a review? I'm not buying you another hard drive.

Oh, that brings up another good point. There is A LOT of content here. Lots and lots and lots of exclusive content. It's mostly movies with supporting galleries.

Site Contents

Like I said before, expect to see all the episodes from the series mentioned above.

The site promises: "We will cut right to the point. This is the website that the other adult sites pretend to be. We don't buy the content for our sites from greasy guys in gold chains peddling the same porn everyone has seen already. We shoot all of the content ourselves. And we like to think that the stuff we shoot is the stuff you might like to see. After all, we are shooting what we always wanted to see, and we are somewhat normal guys."

And here is the feature list:

Member Benefits:

1. Over 40 hours of original amateur vids
We add 600+ Megs of new MPEGS every week!

2. New beautiful girls added every week.
All 100% amateur homegrown girls!

3. New content added every week day!
New pictures AND mpegs with every update!

4. Live webcam shows with Realbutts girls.
Every week night, and complete archive!

5. Free access to publicamateurs, 100% original content flasher site!

6. Free access to all the web's voyeur house cams!

7. And Tons More! Simply the best site online!

WOOHOO! Honesty and a slam on the porn industry. Gripper likey. And quite arguably, it may be the best site online if you like amateur porn.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: Except for the part about this being what you like to see.

Gripper: Right….

With reality porn, you don't get a whole lot of fetish or niche. It's pretty much just straight sex, only at times under false pretenses. I just want to be clear on what's here and what's not. No costumes, no wigs, no dominance, and I dare say no acting. Most of the vids end in facials and that's fine by me. There is plenty of anal, straight sex, lesbian, and solo play. The girls are "off the street" but the majority are attractive. You can tell they are not porn stars. Heh, most noticeably because they blanch at the site of cum shooting at their faces.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: Why are you looking at me like that?


On the average, there's an update (full episodes) to the site every few days. And these are worthy updates too. The updates include a full video with a supporting gallery.

Video Details

MPEG, Windows Media, and Real. All downloadable. Most of the videos are 100 – 150 MB in size. They play smooth and the audio is decent. You can take them to full-screen but I wouldn't call them crystal clear. I watched most of them at about 75% of my screen size. I'm guessing this is because the footage is coming from a hand cam.

Counting the vids, I'm seeing about 30 Vids (with galleries) per page and there's 12 pages. So, you've got 360 videos. Very nice.

Gripper: If you are going to hover over me as I write, say something.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: If they tried this with me, I'd shove that camera up their asses.

Gripper: That's not exactly what I meant.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: Can't you write this on your laptop? I want to see what the girl in that one is saying. I'd be telling them that if they touch me I'll rip off their balls.

Picture Details

There are galleries here for every video from every model. The pictures are of excellent quality. Not really much else to say.

Navigation and Site Design

The design is simple with a focus on content. There are no ads and you get lots of text describing the episodes. It feels like a bunch of guys got pissed off at the porn industry and are out to show them how it's done. I hope everyone is paying attention!

I did find one episode where the links for the pictures and video didn't show up (Back Room Facials, Anal Margarita). I'm being really nitpicky here as I can't find anything bad to say.

Gripper: Don't.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: …….

Oh, and the ratings feature is nice too. You can rate any movie.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: I'm rating all as zero. I hope it pisses them off.

Now, it may just be me. But I can't find the links to public amateurs or the Web cams from inside the members area. I'm assuming that it's just me. My eyes are bugging out of my head and I'm under a bit of pressure to get out of the site completely.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: Don't try and blame this on me.

The Short Version Site Summary

· The site is run by the infamous Bang Brothers and includes all of the episodes from their associated series. (Back Room Facials, Bang Bus, Boob Squad, etc…)

· The girls are amateurs and all at least fairly attractive.

· From "The site that started it all" you'll get 360 video downloads (to date). Each of which have supporting galleries with lots of images.

· The movies are downloadable. The video quality is well above average but I wouldn't call it superb. The picture quality is exceptional.

· Videos are broken down in 4 -6 sections and you have multiple formats to choose from.

· The site is easy to navigate, except that I couldn't find the Web Cams and the PublicAmateurs links. There are no ads.

· You'll need broadband as the videos are 100 – 150 MB in length. However modem users can still easily enjoy the commentary and the pics.

· Updates are frequent and robust. You get about a full movie with a gallery every 2 to 3 days.

· All content is exclusive.

Membership Details

1 Month -- $24.95

3 Months -- $59.95 (BARGAIN)

Overall Impression

This site is outstanding. I'm a member for as long as they keep it going. The Bang Brothers may not respect women, but they do respect the priorities of the porn viewer. They could be asking for a lot more money for what they are doing. The site is truly developed with the viewer in mind. I have a couple of issues with navigation (see above) but it's trivial.

Soon to be Mrs. Gripper: The girls are very pretty and I can't believe these "Bang Brothers" haven't been murdered. Oh, and my fiancé really needs a job. He has great people skills and can work flexible hours.


Reader comments:

Comment by: carvaggio Rating: 08-08-08

What happened to realbutts? Is it possible to acces its content since it was the best ever?

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