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Review of Bluebird Models:

Over the past week or so, since I came on board here at Porn Living, I've been exposed to some pretty extreme hardcore shit. And it's hard to really enjoy this stuff with the Webmaster cracking the whip on my back while I try to siphon all the porn off these sites that I can. So much stimulation in such a brief period of time leaves one pretty messed up. Not to mention, since the Real Butts review, my fiancé gives me disapproving looks whenever I sit down in front of my computer.

It's nice to be able to shift gears and kind of coast through a review once in a while. This is exactly what I did when I got inside of BlueBird Pictures. My heart rate went normal. I turned on some Hed Kandi and made myself some green tea. I felt good about myself again, if just for a little bit. Why? Because for once I wasn't looking at something that my mother would smack me on the knuckles for and then wrap my peepee in an ACE bandage so I couldn't play with it anymore.

BlueBird is a classy site full of beautiful Asian women. If I had a little more culture, I'd probably guess their nationality. Since the only cultural exposure I get on a regular basis is the Latino Porn channel where they curse in Spanish while orgasming, I'm just going to say that they are Asian.

Site Contents

What you have here are thousands of professionally taken photos of beautiful soft-skinned Asian women. No hardcore. No jizz in the eye. Just pages and pages of beautiful dark-haired dolls. The site is classy and just demands that you behave like a gentleman while you gaze upon their beauties.

I'm willing to bet my ACE bandage that it's run solely by Asian folk who don't buy into the glam and flash of mainstream porn. The Bukkake studio is probably just down the street, but you know what I mean.

The models are extremely cute Asians posing in every position, outfit, locale, and lens filter you can imagine. There is even some bondage here, but even that looks so damned elegant you feel bad for getting turned on by it. It's damn near art.


No clue.

Video Details

Ain't got none.

Picture Details

The site boasts 11,500 pics. I'm going to give them the shadow of the doubt on this one as I got a little sleepy-eyed if I browsed the tame content for too long. There is a link to another Asian site with more of the same. Lots of stills there too. The pictures are of medium quality. A lot of the pictures are very old scans and you can't help but stumble across some very grainy pictures. Basically the pictures look out of day.
Oh, and some of you may be wondering: Yes, you do see full nudity. It's not THAT soft core.

Navigation and Site Design
The site is going to take some hits on ratings because it's not much for navigation or presentation. You can't pick your model or series by thumbnail; you have to know the names of the series that you want. They sort by model name and by series, but forgive me if I don't recognize the "Chiasa Aonuma" name. That's the name of the series and the model; at least I think it might be.

Unless you are heavy into this type of content and you share the same first language of the models, you aren't going to recognize them anyway. So, it doesn't really matter, but we are talking principal here.

7 Days -- $4.95
30 Days -- $14.95
90 Days -- $29.95

Overall Impression

If you like classy Asian stills, you'll like this place if you don't mind the out dated navigation and pictures. I'm giving it a decent rating because I'm afraid of bad Karma coming to get me.

-- Gripper


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