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Review of Cumm:

I had a friend in high school whose main hobby was making pipe bombs. We called him "pyro" or some such thing. He was a regular MacGyver and could make lethal explosives out of Clorox, some bubble gum, and tin foil. More than once I heard him say "Holy shit! It worked!" while the next-door neighbors were visited by a rock that Pyro had projected through their picture window.

I get the same feeling from It's like an experiment in Internet porn that for some reason worked. I can just imagine the creator, after seeing his first credit card transaction come through, saying "Holy Shit! It worked!" is exactly what it sounds like. If you took all the jizz from these videos, you could fill every condom ever made.

Site Contents

Cumshot Videos. All shapes, sizes, qualities, origins, file formats, etc…

There are no galleries, no intros, and no cutesy games. There is a single thumbnail linking to each clip. None of the content is exclusive, but I wouldn't necessarily call it leased either. The material resides on the servers from what I can tell, but you've got vidcaps from a lot of the major porn sites out there. I'm a little concerned that the original content developers may not even know that their material is on this site.

The vids range from 100k to 40MB. You're not really going to enjoy the site much unless you have broadband because the 100k clips are pure crap. I'm guessing you're going to see about 700 – 800 clips here. And they are not categorized. However, they do tell you the size which gives you an idea of the quality and length. Most of the clips are decent quality and many can do full-screen nicely. Mostly, you are getting the end of the scene with the money shot.

Buyer Beware! You are limited to 2GB of downloads per month! If you are like me, you'll eat that up in no time flat.


Apparently pretty regular, but I couldn't get my mitts on any real numbers.

Navigation and Site Design

The site is homemade. There is no real menu system; just one link after you log in that says "The Videos." From here, it's indexed by number and the vids aren't titled. Of course considering the content of the site, there is no real need for a menu system. There is only one thing you can do here, download cumshot videos.

Membership Details

7 day trial for $ 9.95
$ 39.95 every 30 days
Your subscription will automatically be renewed for your convenience (Ha!) until you cancel.

Overall Impression

I just can't shake the feeling that this is the product of someone creating a Web interface to their personal library and then figuring out that people will pay to share in the wealth. "Holy Shit! It worked!"

I like cumshot videos. I like them a lot. So, the site is worth it to me. And frankly, even if there was an elaborate menu system, I'm just gonna download my 2 GB and cancel anyway so why bother with the overhead of Web design? So, if you collect facial vids, you'll want to subscribe and get what you may not already have. The site is functional, efficient, and delivers on it's promises.

We've just gotten word that it's more than a little difficult to cancel your membership at this site (an error on the cancel page) so of course we knock points off the rating and don't recommend you sign up.

Reviewed by: Gripper


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