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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Ronis Paradise:

Roni's Paradise

I was starting to suspect the Webmaster here at PornLiving was subtly suggesting that I should leave when he asked me to review So, I took the pictures of me and his mom off my Web site to get back in his good graces. Apparently, it worked, and I get to log in to a site that is much better, Roni's Paradise.

(The reviewer has some fun at my expence ;)

The Mature classification isn't everyone's cup of tea. But don't discount Roni yet! First of all, Roni is supposedly 50. However, she either has a knack for photo editing-away wrinkles or she has taken VERY good care of herself. I'd like to assume the latter for the sake of my own fantasies. Besides, any 50 year old that can pull off the "school girl uniform" look deserves a chance. And she does pull it off better than some actual schoolgirls. Roni is also a lot less inhibited than those snobby teens at sites like alsscan; she gets down and dirty. Not to mention, Roni has friends. Roni has supple young blonde friends who shouldn't be overlooked. I wish I could make friends like Roni's. =)

Site Contents

The site introduction to Veronica (Roni):
"Veronica Ford at Roni's Paradise is dedicated to providing quality adult entertainment in a sexually stimulating and visually arousing environment. Whether you're looking for voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexually explicit as well as erotically artistic photos submitted by total amateurs and professionals alike,, you will find something to arouse you at Veronica Ford at Roni's Paradise. If sensually presented nudes are what gets your ticker pumpin', then Veronica Ford at Roni's Paradise is made for you!""

And then continues:
" I've got a lot of great stuff to offer you, including picture galleries, mpegs, video feeds, live streaming cams, my Hawaiian Island Tour, adult games and a whole lot more! I'm talking, hundreds of hours of bone stroking, cum blasting fun...just for you!"

This is pretty accurate. However, I think the "hundreds of hours of bone stroking…" is a bit of a stretch. Especially, if you do not include the amount of leased material here. What you've got is primarily a single model who occasionally invites friends over and has lots of leased material. Don't get me wrong, Roni is working hard for your money (and she isn't asking for very much of it). She appears in scores of photo shoots wearing everything from a business suit to a schoolgirl outfit and she's in around a dozen videos. If you happen to like the "mature" genre, you'll be pleased with the content and you may even find Roni a little young for your taste. Most of the activity is your standard mainstream porn material – Posing, masturbation, lesbian, boy/girl, and a little group action. The core material (Roni) is exclusive.

It's pretty clear that Roni is gung ho about the project. She even has a regular spot on a Web cam rotation and she's nice enough to archive those for you. You'll find yourself getting to know Roni if you read her blurbs introducing the various areas of the site. Also, the site introduction is a pretty interesting read. Roni sounds like a fun gal!

The leased material is grab-bag. Some links are to sites with really tasty younguns and others are to quilting circles gone horribly awry. Some of the leased material is linked to teasers, which are there to get you to subscribe to another site. There is enough free material to warrant browsing the links, but I found myself at a Join Now! screen a little more than I liked.

Oh, and I'm sorry Roni, but you are going to get penalized for the pop-ups. They are annoying as hell. The majority of the pop-ups come from the linked sites, and not Roni's, but it's still a pain. Choose your partners wisely. ;)

The site consists of both pictures and videos. Roni is the star of the show with some guest appearances from friends. Oh, and I kept seeing the same guy in the hardcore clips so I'm guessing he's someone special. Is it out of line for me to suggest a wax job for Mr. Grizzly? I think he's Caucasian, but I can't be sure.


Roni updates frequently. It's damn near daily.

Video Details

Yes, the clips are downloadable, but you are stuck with MPEG. I want to be sure and mention that this is one of the few sites that can keep up with my commercial-strength DSL. So, the site was on my hard drive pretty quick. The video detail is a smidge above average. Just don't expect full-screen quality.

There are about 13 movies of exclusive Roni material. The larger movies are nicely zipped for your convenience.

One more thing on the videos. Roni is into it. Either she can act well, or she's hip on getting creamed in the face. Either way it's nice to see what appears to be genuine excitement from the women in the flicks.

Picture Details

The still images are of more than acceptable quality. Roni-specific photo spreads number about 80 with an average of about 50 shots per spread. It would have been nice if they were pre-zipped. Roni is a versatile girl partaking in some self-pleasure, boy/girl, and girl/girl action.

If you visit the Galleries and links to leased content, it's a crap shoot. There are several worthy sites linked here, namely: Vixens and Up Close and Personal. There are two areas for off-site pics; one falling under the Pic Galleries header and the other reachable by choosing Girlie Galleries from the navigation bar. The Pic Galleries is where you'll find your mega sites. Girlie Galleries appear to be homemade sites, but many of the models here are choice.

A few of the mega gallery sites I visited ended up at the dreaded Join Now! However, the single-model sites (Roni calls them "friends") are actually pretty decent photo sessions with nice looking women. A few of those wanted subscriptions too, but they are still worth leeching the freebies from.


Roni shares some of her favorite e-zines and game sites with us. It's cute and some of the activities are not even adult-oriented. Such as the Mahjongg game site. Also, I managed to stumble into her Hawaiian getaway video clips. It's refreshing when you get to know the models a bit. Roni is all about you getting to know her. ;)

If you like live Web cam action, you'll appreciate some of the off-site content. I happened on a girl/girl session that was of good quality and the girls were fun. It took them 30 minutes to get their shirts off, but that's the nature of those things. The cams sites are reachable by choosing My Cams from the navigation bar.

Navigation and Site Design

I'm guessing Roni either has friends who are great at Web design or she dropped some serious coin to make it look so good. The site graphics and menu system are superb. As long as you stay in the main area, Roni will hold your hand and walk you through it. However, when you stray out of her realm, get ready for some pop-ups, poor menus, bad links, etc… I can't really hold her completely responsible for that but it did impact her scores. The only real suggestion for the Roni-centric area is for the images indexes. It'd be nice to be able to choose what index page you like by number instead of having to hit Next 5 or 6 times. Yeah, I'm that guy who fast-forwards through the foreplay and homes in on the penetration and money shots. 

Overall Impression

Damn, it turned into a long review. The reason for that is because I'm somewhat conflicted. The site needs some work. The videos could be better. Roni's boyfriend is a little hairy (for my taste). The conflict is that I really came to enjoy and appreciate Roni and you won't typically find me on the "Mature" sites. Unless you are simply too set in your niche to enjoy what she has to offer, you NEED to see the site. If you like Web cams, then I definitely recommend it. But if you subscribe to a lot of sites with leased content, you may have seen some of this already. The leased content pays off with some patience and I'm not the shining example of patience, so I'm sure I missed some goodies. There is a shitload of content here, but little of it is exclusive. Overall, it's a pretty-damned-good site and I'll probably be back even after my pass expires.


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