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Review of Stacy Sanches 2000:

Stacy was playmate of the year in 1996 after having been centerfold in march '95, I'm just telling you this to kind of set the mood. I am yet to hear about a playboy centerfold who didn't decided to make her own webpage, god forbid they should ever stop making them but usually it's hard to tell them apart because they are always the same. Usually they are poorly updated because they make a living on their name alone, well all in all this site doesn't really stand out from other playboy models homepages.

If you didn't already guess it, this site is of course softcore to the bone, it's the usual playboy glamour shots that we all love and hate. The quality is good on all the pictures really, not the very best but certainly good. You get 84 photo shoots of Stacy and my only burp here would be that the resolution of the images range a lot.

- Also you get 20 shoots of various girlfriends.

She also has some very low resolution video clips for you, 19 all in all and 6 of these are without sound too. They are available for download in QuickTime format and if you add them all together I would say you get maybe 12-14 minutes of video all in all, not really impressive is it?

The rest on the site really is just filling to make it look bigger than it actually but I'll run over all the sections very briefly.

Live Chat - there was no calendar and I was the only one in there when I visited

20 Questions - Stacy answers 20 common questions

Snapshots - A few snapshots most from a playboy party where the most fun is to spot the celebrities she hangs out with

Guestbook - ......

Webgames - Notice the plural though there is only one game; concentration or Pairs to you Nokia owners ;)

Auction house - Stacy sells some stuff on E-bay here you can bid.

The site isn't updated all that often it's like 2 times a month but a least something is going on. Not all of the pictures you find here are exclusive so it's really just for you Stacy fans out there. Personally I think her latest pictures reflects some of the downsides of silicone implants but that's just me.

1 month: $14.95


It's hands down a very average playboy model site, it's not worse, and maybe it is a bit above average actually. The price is right for the amount of content you get and the few updates, but the bottom line probably is that fans will benefit the most from this site.


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