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Review of Fucked In The Asshole:

This review covers 11 reality site, for the price of one, listed in the review

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with all these new reality sites that are being launched right now and keeping track of them is becoming an even greater task than I ever imagined. It seems that these sites are getting cheaper to produce mainly because the original concept with the elaborate stories is being toned down a great deal. Also with more and more sites it becomes less important if the model is as known as Janet Jackson's right boob or a fresh face. Shaw internet who has just launched a brand new array of sites are definitely going for quantity over originality with their latest sites, but this huge new addition of sites, is not the only change going on at Shaw.

Before these 11 new sites (well it started out there were "only" 5 new ones added but now there are 11 new ones) Shaw had done a nice collection of reality sites, the kind that cared about the plots and themes that we have all come to love. I liked these sites a lot in earlier review but had to rate them low because they would not let us download the video. Luckily their new business plan includes letting their users download the content, and any plan like that is bound to be a success in my book.

Now we get 11 new video/reality-esque sites all of which you also have access to when signing up here:
Ass then mouth -
Ever fuck a black cock –
First time DP –
Fucked in the asshole –
She loves big cock –
Wet Cream Pies –
Sorority Hookers –
Moms Get Fucked –
First Orgasm on Film –
Facial for a Buck –
I go Both ways –

All very descriptive names aren't they? I suspect you are not in doubt what theme each site handles ;)

I was lost here for quite some time trying to get a fix on exactly how much exclusive video content I just got my dirty little paws on and they actually added 5 sites more while I was browsing the sites. Seriously, I just switched over to and then I looked to the right for my next site venture and there were 5 new sites! Each site has started out with 10 movies per site, or more, making this an addition of 110 (minimum) exclusive reality movies all in all, all downloadable and about 20-30 minutes per episode, the content is massive and the bang-4-ur-buck-rating gets a big kick up.

The quality of the videos is impeccable really, the full screen resolution is quite sharp and the file sizes compared with quality is very nice indeed. All the clips are available to you in Windows media format (.wmv) and can be viewed in 2 high or low quality. Only downside about the movies is that they are cut up into segments and not available as one large file, I always enjoy when I can watch a movie in one setting. The segments aren't plentiful, at most 4 clips per movie, and to this I would like the upside that all the sites maxed out my connection when downloading (3,5mbit).

The navigation is easy and traditional all the way, the clips are listed vertically with a thumbnail, a dedscription and Low/High vid clip links for the episode. To the right you can always see a list of all the other sites you have access to and they are also represented with a small screenshot making it easy to jump from site to site.

You also get like 150 leased sites if all this wasn't enough for you (I doubt you will ever need to look at them) and well on the first page you can find a good one or two of the popular ones you might have seen before but the rest are just filling. More bonus material are what they call bonus mpg's, these weren't really interesting though, perhaps I just hit my maximum porn limit for the day, yeah I think so, I feel kind of full ;)


Well Shaw did it, they turned it all around and made their content available for download and have made a shitload of sites for us to chew our way through, I must say this took me by surprise. I was really mad at them for not making me download the episodes with their previous sites but with new sites I can and all these sites are great quality and satisfy a lot of desires for the average porn user. Overall this is a great buy and with a 3 day trial for a buck I don't really see how you could feel screwed over on this one, I think the monthly charge is maybe a bit over the top, but then again you do get a lot of movies.

3 day trial: $1 (recurring at $39.95 per month)
1 month: $39.95 (recurring)

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