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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: No Live Shows: No Formats:

Prices: $20.00/30 days

Review of Digital Girlz:

This is an amateur girls site where every part of the site is without a doubt 100% exclusive. The guys running the site shoot everything themselves and I must admit that I did not recognize any of the models. I think it is also very fair to categorize all the girls as in their teens (18-19) and you get a complete overview of their models here.

Digitalgirlz are quality minded by the way, every pictures I saw on this site was high resolution and sharp pictures, the same thing goes for the video clips which are in DivX format and looks great when blown to full screen.

I loved the video clips because it was behind the scene footage of the photo sessions and this is always great, nothing like hearing the photographer telling a girl to slide a lollipop all over her body ;)
Downloading the clips can be a bit of a hassle though since they are all cut up into small segments and sometimes it's cut up so much it gets really annoying. One session of 27 minutes was cut up into 27 smaller clips and for people without expertise in copy pasting DivX clips you will find it annoying to download each clip and at pretty bad speed too. I have a 2mbit line and most video sites I encounter can max out my connection but this site couldn't provide 1/10 of the speed. This means it would have taken me over 100 minutes to download that one scene in 27 segments. Not all are in 1 minute segments in fact most are in 2 minutes.

I liked the fact that there was always some small story attached to how the photo shoot came about, where the found the girls, how it went over etc.... I even found a nice interview with one of the girls. I think a lot of members would appreciate if they went all out and made it standard to a short 5-10 question interview with the girls, right now the info you get is nice but it would also be nice to get to know the girls a little more. 3 of the models on the site can be e-mailed for this purpose if you want but remember to keep it clean ;)

I found a really neat feature which enable to you determine how your browsing should be on the site in the sense that you could define how many thumbnails you want to see per page and if you want the earliest shots listed first of other way around, it's a good idea to have this ready for when the content gets much bigger. A nice idea while we are at it would also be to make a way of telling which girls have video clips available at their page.

The updates seem pretty regular, though there are no specific update days, it looks like they update 2 maybe 3 times a week. An update can of course be the adding of video clips to a model, a new model shoot, or a new photo shoot of a model.

I'll just sum this up by telling you what they promise you here:

"Real amateur college girls!
Natural - no boltons!
Exclusive photos and video!"

It's hands down exactly what they promise you here.

1 month: $20 (will go up to $23 SOON)

There are money to be saved when signing up for longer periods of time but we will list these when the sign up fee HAS been raised.

A very nice amateur girls site for those of you not expecting man/woman action but looking for amateur college chicks masturbating in high quality pictures and video clips. I can easily recommend this site and I know that money is probably the only factor which keeps these guys from making complete clips available on their site and maybe this also accounts for the speeds but the fact of the matter is that the video lovers need a bit of patience here and get used to a lot of segments. All in all a good site where you get what they promise you!


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