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Review of XXX Password:

It kind of sounds like you get access to a bunch of sites through this one doesn't it? Well this site doesn't distribute passwords at all so if this is what you are looking for don't bother to read on. In fact this site does a very poor attempt of beeing a mega site.

The site is owned by Cyber Erotica, one of the oldest and formerly owners of the best megasites around however this one prooves that nothing last forever.....

WOW not one single exclusive/original picture on this site at all, infact, if you to to the picture section you are just re-directed to and these pictures are some of the most common ones on the net so don't get your hopes up they are medium quality but there are tons of them.

You got the same deal with any of the video clips, it's all streaming low quality feeds as seen on 453235 other sites + it's the same overused live feeds with the girls where you STILL have to pay more money to see her take her clothes off.

When you have caught your breath you will see that what I'm saying is true, at first it's hard to see because it's one of the most "busy" member areas I have ever seen. It's all just a well done distraction to keep you from seeing you really get nothing for your money and what you do get is worth one tenth of what they charge you.

To sum it up for you real quick on this so called mega site.

no updates, nothing exclusive, no downloadable video clips, medium quality, loads of pictures, tons of ads and confusing design.

1 month: $39.95 (recurring)

Well they do offer you a 3-day trial for FREE woohoooo! Keep your knickers on though because if you forget to cancel you can say hello to $40 straight out of your pocket. Stay away there are MUCH better mega sites out there, Cyber Erotica even runs a few of them, but this ain't it.


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