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Review of Justine:

says that it has been voted #1 amateur site. It doesn't say who voted it #1 but the good news is that it is one of the best amateur sites I have reviewed. Now I have to admit that Justine isn't my taste in women. (I prefer more mature and more boobs). But if she's your cup of tea you're in for a treat.

Justine is one of those amateurs who claim to be doing the work on the site themselves, and who am I to say otherwise. But I have rarely encountered the site of a women amateur where the "voice" of the Webmaster sounded feminine. Who knows, maybe it's just me. The thought of chatting or emailing an online porn star - when in reality I might be exchanging hot messages with some 18 year-old computer jock turns me off...

Here's what they promise you. I've combined descriptions from different places together in this list.

My Site Has...

- 350+ Hardcore Photo Galleries

- (elsewhere they say 10,000+ photographs)
- Hours Of Downloadable XXX Video -
- 100% Exclusive Amateur Content -
- Live Interaction With Me (Justine!) - ("I can get as filthy as you want - in fact, the filthier the better")
- Unique Erotic Story Audio MP3's - ("Over 100 erotic stories written by me")
- Updated Several Times A Week - (450 new photos, mpegs, erotic MP3's, erotic stories and more every week)

Well, boys and girls, I'm here to tell you that in this case there is truth in advertising. If you don't find your poison on this site you may not find it anywhere. Justine takes it and gives it just about every way you can think of and some you can't. I have to admit being caught by surprise by some her antics (menstrual flow anyone?). Otherwise she sucks, fucks, pisses, licks, and gets licked, to her hearts delight.

There are over 100 video clips. Older ones (prior to 2000 are in QuickTime), newer ones are in Mpeg format. The clips are mostly 1-3 minutes long, most with sound, sharp and high res. Titles include: Black Rubber Handjob, Pussy Fingering Close-up, Two Girl Blow-Job, Face-On Facial, Suntan Tights Footjob, Pissing in My Own Mouth, Pissing over My Slave, Fucking a Coke Bottle, Pussy Cumshot - (are you getting the picture?).

There are 8 photo sections: Suck, Fuck & Cum, Legs & Footwear, Golden & Wet, Video Stills, Foot Fetish, Kinky Stuff (bet you thought that other stuff was the kinky stuff) and Sex Toys. These sections are sub-divided into the 350+ galleries each with about 30 high-res, sharp, pictures.

I wouldn't want to leave you with the feeling that even something as obvious as Suck, Fuck & Cum is what you would expect. Here are some gallery titles: Strap-On Arse-Fuck & Facial, Cummy Cucumber, Red Stilettos & A Cummy Arse Part I, Naughty Nun, Sucking Santa, Licking Cum off my Tits. (Are you getting my drift?)

Elsewhere there are:

- Four audio files with Justine reading sexy stories (about 5 minutes long). Did I tell you that Justine is British? Why does it sound so much sexier with a British accent?

- About 100 short (1-2 page long) sex stories written by Justine and her friends.

- A message board where you can send questions and comments to Justine - she does respond. The board isn't too active, about 1 new message a day, but hey, that means you can get lots of her attention.

- A Music section with 2 demo songs by Justine.

- Talk to Justine on ICQ. She loves to hear from you.

And if all of this isn't enough, there are links to 26 other amateur sites with about 500 sample pictures and another 75+ galleries with 10,000 pictures licensed from other sources. Lots you've seen elsewhere, lots you haven't. All appear to be good quality, mostly hardcore pics.

And don't miss Justine's bio and FAQ.

1 month: $19.95


Visit the site. There's lots of sample material to look at and stuff to read. If you like her looks you are definitely going to find something to like inside. Can you believe it: after spending time at this site I was looking forward to some plain, old, ordinary, fucking and sucking. Visiting Justine's site is like having the key to a candy store. It starts out like a dream. But there may be too much of a good thing.


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