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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $4.99/5 days, rebills at $13.99
$18.99/30 days, rebills at $12.99
$32.99/90 days

Review of Fire Girls:

A reader suggested that I take a look at this amateur page where all the content consists of pictures shot by a guy named Alex or contributions from the members. The guy who suggested this review hadn't signed up yet so I guess I'm writing this to either recommend it to him or not.

At first he had told me to specifically check out pictures of the girls Breanna whose pictures he had seen outside the members area. Well I did and I can see why he thinks this girl is foxy but almost all the pictures available of her here are web cam captures, really grainy and small to look at. This does not describe all the pictures here, most are actually very good sharp pictures where my only complaint would be a poor selection of models (12-15 all together). One thing about the pictures that really annoyed me though was that Alex apparently likes to photograph his own masturbation sessions, yep just him all alone wacking off wanna see it? I sure didn't!

Putting that awful experience aside (sorry Alex!) I left the few picture sets (50) and headed for the video clips. This was (not surprisingly) the best part of the site, you got a lot of blowjob clips, lesbian action, straight sex and exhibition sex. A really funny clip was one where Alex got a blowjob at a college ;) There are 6 galleries of video clips but they contain different amounts of clips, but there are probably like 40 different scenes cut up into smaller clips some are mpegs and others are DivX and the quality is pretty standard in general.

I guess you have to be a little bi-sexual to really enjoy this site to the fullest, because when going through the members contributions you are also presented with a large amount of guys only shots, not for me but perhaps the female porn lovers would appreciate this?

The site really isn't as big as all the sections would have you believe and frankly the navigation is a bit confusing and messy, especially in the video section. Stuff like voting for your favorite model, Alex's news and art sections give you something to do when done with the small selection of pictures.

I just want to mention the "interactive pictures" really quickly. These are really sex animations which you can decide the speed of by moving your mouse from side to side. You know the kind, a dick in pussy that goes in and out and then you can pretend to give it to her hard/slow, sounds silly I know but it's actually quite fun.


This is a porn site where you have to consider the site a small community which you wish to be apart of and where you could see the humor in Alex suddenly displaying his own personally wanking sessions. For me the site didn't do too much, there are better amateur sites out there. All in all the price is fair and the updates are certainly nice, could be a great site if it had more high quality and less confusing layout and maybe some more pictures.


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