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Review of Kinky Krystal:

WOW! There you go, for god sake, check out the sample of this girls before anything else.... Isn't she just the sweetest little thing? I wanna put her in to my pocket and walk around with so I could show her off to my friends. On the other hand if I just slip back to reality for just a second, I can't do that so for now.

Krystal has taken my breath away but I still feel her website is something of a disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong the pictures are all of great quality in very high resolution as you can tell from the samples, but the page feel like a hit and run deal. Not much work goes in to the actual page and the statement Krissy makes on the frontpage doesn't quite hold water if you ask me:

"I take 100 percent active part in my site, I do have a great webmaster but I do all the personal and private stuff other sites lack!"

I'm not saying it's a complete lie, I'm sure she meant to give this site the personal touch with all the usual stuff like a diary, forum snapshots etc... but for some reason there is none of it here best I can offer you right now is her bio located outside the members area.

What you DO get is a collection of pictures and a small set of videoclips. The pictures are as mentioned of very good quality and really do Krystal justice (yeah yeah I know she's your typical blonde babe in some of your eyes ans so what?).

At first I got the impression that she had done hundreds of photo shoots because of the many "sets" displayed by thumbnail, well aren't I just gullable? It turns out that one "session" contains a maxiumum of 5 pictures, this means they split all the photo shoots up, maybe to give the impression of more content than there actually here. I counted, and I think it's pretty accurate, that there must just around 1000 pictures available here.

The pictures are Kristy posing, Kristy in hardcore sex action and kristy in some lesbian action as well.

The video section is simply to small to really cover in this review yet, 12 clips of 30 seconds length give you 6 minutes of video clips. All the clips can be downloaded but are only available in: Quicktime, Windows Media or Real Media formats, they could have thrown some mepgs in there. All the clips have sound and are of good quality, but short.

She also has a "Friends" section featured here, and like her own picture section this one gives you the impression of more content that what is so. At first it looks like you get pictures of 12 extra girls here, but in fact there are only 4 ;)

1 month: $19.95


Well if Krystall would get off her ass and start making this page personal I would enjoy it a lot more I'm sure. Also the way of browsing through the pictures is a not so bright idea on their end. When Krystal has done enough shoots I hope they expand the sets so that they contain a complete photo shoot and I hope that a lot more video clips are added. All in all the page need work but has potential if Krystal actually gets involved with it.


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