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Review of Nude in Public:

"What you will see on our pages are pictures of beautiful girls with a very special erotic fetish: Nude in Public.
And when we say Nude in Public, we mean Nude in Public, check out each girls sample page to get an idea, or read our definitions here.
No flashing from under a trench, we are talking about 100 percent public nudity. "

This is the first site I have seen that deal solely with the idea of beeing nude in public and out it has come a rather interesting page. To me it really is more interesting and funny than anything else, I can't really see the erotic side of it (apart from the naked girls), it feels more like watching girls acting out a dare, but I still enjoyed it though.

93 girls with an average of 60-70 pictures per girl is what you get here + if you first go to the update section then you can find a link to the contribution section and see some of the pictures that has been sent in by amateur girls.

With each shoot you can read "what happned at this shoot" here you can that if this was videotaped, what kind of "spectators" there might have been and you can read a remark:

Aniko went - 'dressed' only with some money - to get a sausage from the stand. Interesting enough that the man there did not react at all on the nude Aniko at first. His biggest proble was that he had no change ... :)

When I started getting into it by reading the accompanying text I started spenind more time at each shoot. Maybe the exhebitionist came up in me, I don't know. The combination of cute girls in good quality pictures constantly posing in more and more inventive locations.

A good bet is you get around 7000 Nude In Public pictures all together not counting the contributions which are frequently added. They appear to add new content to the site around 3 times a week.

The around 10 video clips I found of girls walking around naked in public was of pretty awful quality. I guess they won't be adding anymore untill they figure out exactly how to capture them ;) I downloaded 2 of the highest quality clips, but quality was terrible and the clips were without sound.

1 month: $19.95


I bet this is the best of it's genre, I have seen a few sites with the whole pulic nudity theme but this is probably the best shots out there with the prettiest girls to back it up too. You wont' see any of the pictures here elsewhere either, it's all exclusive and shot by NIP themselves. If you are into this "public nude" theme I can definately recommend this site, check it out lots of free samples here.


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