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Pictures: No Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: $27.00/30 days

Review of Video Teenage:

Teen sites are all the rage. They always have been, and always will be. With a teen site, you can get all kinds of content. Some of the women look like real teens, while some look like 30 year olds with pigtails. What really counts is the quality of the content, and knowing what you're getting into. Which is why we are here! is a video-only site. So if you're a dialup user, or a fan of pictures, keep that in mind before signing up. Also, in my introduction, I mentioned that sometime girls look like real teens. Well, this site is very successful in getting girls that look like young girls. When I say young, these girls look barely college age.

The site has some flaws. The actual site design is shoddy, with links all over the place, but I did like the fact that the series were joined together so I could just keep hitting next and selecting videos. While the site layout is simple, it's not too easy on the eyes or approachable. The thumbnails are good though, and the pages load very quickly. I'd say the design could definately use some work, but is on the higher side of low scale.

Since it's a video driven site, let's talk a lot about the videos. The site offers both .WMV and .MPG formats, but each series is exclusively one or the other. The movies are horribly split up into 1-minute segments. So you will have lots of files on your computer, and more pain downloading. Also, the filenames are not unique across series, every one is just named "video1.wmv" etc., so you will have to change the file names as well. The videos are pretty good quality, when you full screen you don't get pixelation.

I realize in this day videos need to be "watermarked" so they are not stolen, or if they are used on Kazaa at least the site gets some PR. But this site uses a huge ugly watermark, and it moves around the screen during the movie. Very annoying. Also, every single file begins with a statement that the girls are the age of 18, which has me curious but is also annoying.

The girls in it are all cute, no doubt about that. The actual action is pretty good, although don't expect anything new or exciting, it's basically all the same, hello, how you doing, blowjob, sex routine. It is hard to identify the cumshots through the thumbnails, so thats a minus if you're a fan of cumshots. A few of them women are a little untidy "down there", if you know what I mean. So if you don't like hairy pussy, it's a consideration for you. Also, expect poor english, like "you are sure my mother won't saw the video?" where there is the very little text that there is.

There are about 20 series on the site, with a few repeat girls. If your looking for a lot of content for your dollar, I'd save your dollar here, as I went through almost everything in a few hours. There is also no bonus content to keep you busy while waiting for updates, which come in once a week.

Special Note: There is an 800MB download limit per member per day.

This site has positive points for original content and decent girls. The site design makes it frustrating and the videos aren't anything to write home about. I'd recommend it only to a real teen fan, who has already been through many sites and doesn't have a problem with spending full membership price on getting many hassles for some decent videos.


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