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Review of London Models:

This site is part of the AEN.TV package.

I contacted AEN about 2 months ago to do a review of their site which they happily let me do so that I could test out their really big attraction which are be the DVD quality movies here. At the time I could not get the software to view these movies to work but after a re-install of my OS I decided to sign up here and give it another try.

The AEN.TV package consists of a number of sites which were already well establish before the whole DVD-movie-frenzy broke out here, among these the biggest and most wellknown site is probably but all in all you get the content from 10 different sites here.

AEN boast to do daily updates and that they are the first to offer full screen DVD quality clips and I have to admit I have never seen anything like this. Once I got the software to work (I'm on WinXP) I was in video heaven. The sharpness of these clips surpassed anything I had ever seen before the quality is actually just perfect. I watched around 3 clips and let me tell you my jaw met my chest a couple of times. I would have watched more but the software went rather nuts again and started reporting very strange errors and switching to win98 didn't help. It was too bad because what I saw was amazing.

No doubt they are putting all the money in one basket with this site and that means that their main focus is now on those videos. They add one or more videoclips everyday and the archive they have already is pretty big and you browse through them by site.

The picture side is not updated everyday, infact the last addition of photos was made 2 weeks ago when we visited the site, but they have loads of pictures online. 150 models over all 10 sites and a lot of these models have done several shoots. They do not promise you a number of photos they have in the members area but there are a lot.

All the sites in the package all share one thing, they are filled up with extremely beautiful women a lot of them are no strangers to the glamour porn world but there were a lot of new faces to me as well.

The pictures are are all very sharp and of medium resolution, all in all good quality all around.

To sum it up in some keywords you get: High quality video clips (highest I have ever seen without a doubt), beautiful girls, daily updates, lots of content already.

All these things put together really should make this a 5 star site right? Well A few things really annoyed me. First of all the site was generally slow, I am on a 2mbit connection and it shouldn't take 20+ seconds for a small page to load then.

Another thing is the amount of broken image links I ran in to and the fact that you can go to the photo section of a model and then she doesn't even have any photos online. All in all navigation kind of ruins an otherwise nice site, it's slow, the broken and dead links get annoying, the many many different popup windows quickly add up + the problems with the player ruined a little for me. Maybe it works perfectly for others but I have tested on 3 operating systems all together and a friend of mine could not get it working either, it even crashed his computer. I hope AEN will contact me one day with a player that works 100% because when it does you are in for a real treat!

1 month: $39.95


You get a nice package here with the fusion of the 10 sites, and the video clips are definately out of this world, still I dare to say the price is a bit too high, shave $10 of it and they got a deal. If you are into beautiful softcore glamour girls you still get a lot of models to choose from and very nice pictures, if you can live with flaws I have pointed out you get some real quality stuff here.


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