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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $29.99)
Special: $49.95/90 days (Reg. $59.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.00
$109.88/365 days

Review of Wicked Pictures:

This is another major porn company going online and Wicked is probably best known for contracting Jenna Jameson and a bunch of other high profile pornstars like Serenity, Stephanie Swift, Alexa and a lot more. I think it's fair to classify Wicked as one of those "big bad companys" we should expect more of and Wicked certainly does not take their online adventure lightly.

I don't know where to start on this one because it really is a large site.

Well first off, if you have ever seen a Wicked movie and have seen a girl in there you would like to get more info on there is a large database of the girls online here complete with bio's, filography and pictures ofcourse. I found this feature rather well done except for one thing, the thumbnail browsing. You only see 6 thumbnails at a time and to "spice" up the browsing I guess, they are using B/W thumbnails which turn to colors on mouse over, this is a slow process however and makes navigating the pictures a tad annoying. This way of browsing through the pictures is the same thoughout the entire site by the way. Also you always first get a low resolution picture when you click a thumbnail, if you want a higher resolution than that you have to click the picture, would have been better to make high/low resolution sectons to browse through.

The low resolution pictures are not worth much really, they are really small and since the high resolution ones are surprisingly low in filesize I think they are really unneeded even for low bandwidth users. Overall the pictures are good though, not very high quality they are simply not sharp enough for that but they are fast to go through at good quality best part is though that there is plenty of them.

A little side note is that you cannot save any of the pictures here If you right click the pictures or even try to drag them you will fail so you cannot save any pictures to your harddrive!

That pretty much takes care of the pictures now onto the video clips because there are quite a lot of those again however I have to disappoint you, you cannot download anything here, it's ALL streaming in Windows Media Format for 56k 100k and 300k users.

You can find a lot of hardcore clips of the biggest wicked girls plus behind the scenes clips and every day you can see a new complete wicked movie (nice!). It's not actually a complete movie, some bites are taken out and at times it's the really juicy parts, damn it. All the clips come with sound and the 300k feeds are quite good quality (100 isn't bad either). My only real complaint here would be that the behind-the-scenes clips were not working when we visited the site.

Other sections worth mentioning here would be the "feature girl" where a girl is featured with some clips and a nice long interview with the model.You can also check Wicked press releases and go to some of the leased live feeds they offer.

The updates are not as frequent as you would expect from a monster company like Wicked actually there had not been an update for 10 days when this review was written.

My first impression of the site was definately that this was gonna be a big hit with me but it also let me down a bit, mostly because you can't download a single thing here and the way of browsing through the pictures got tiresome very fast. Also it's hard to say how much of this is "exclusive" most of the pictures will seem familiar if you have seen a lot of Wicked movies and alot of the girls have their material on their own sites.

1 month: $29.95

From starting out real promising it ended up just being a nice collection of wicked material which is mainly for the Wicked fans out there. If you are just into Jenna this isn't the place, probably would be better for you guys, but if you are looking for lots of info on all the wicked girls this site does a fair job for you, just remember everything is borrowed, you can't keep anything ;)


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

It&#39;s been a while since I took a look at this one but I remember it as being a very average site considering how big the company Wicked is. Today I logged in again to the members area and I found myself being very frustrated with the site from the get-go. I think this is becoming a textbook example of how a big company with so many resources at their disposal and so much exclusive high quality content can make some poor descissions that end up making their online product sub-par, especially compared to their offline success.<br /><br /> boasts a movie collection of 376 exclusive DVD productions however the bad experience with the site starts here. You see, even though they are listing 376 movies you can&#39;t actually watch all of them, I would say you can watch about 80%, which of course is nice, but I wonder why they list the rest? The answer is quite clear, they are listed with a link only to purchase the DVD. This smells more like a moneymaker than an actual service for it&#39;s members and it&#39;s quite annoying to see juicy titles you would like to see but realise it&#39;s just listed as an ad. Some of the movies listed also only have photo galleries available and of course the obligatory &quot;Purchase DVD&quot; link, this is almost as annoying.<br /><br />Now after you recover from that shock you might have already guessed that all movies are only available as online-streams and <strong><em>can not</em></strong> be downloaded to your harddrive. I suppose all the big companies will use the line &quot;we are protecting ourselves against pirates&quot;, however I have never had any sympathy for that excuse. Trust me, pirates are already distributing all of your material in much better quality than you will ever put online, they ripped your DVDs already, come on!<br /><br />The picture galleries are a nice bonus when they are available, but don&#39;t expect high quality photos like you are used to from smaller porn companies. The pictures here have pretty poor lighting and the quality reeks mediocracy.<br /><br />Throughout the site you have to put up with obvious and hidden ads all over the place and this always annoys me and everyone else. It&#39;s also very obtrusive and ruins the layout of the site making it more complicated to navigate. On that note it&#39;s also a bit confusing when you click a model name and absolutely no info on that model appears. You would think they would have taken the time to write a bit about their exclusive models, but that&#39;s not the case for a lot of them. In all fairness you will find a lot of info on a lot of models as well that you might not know. The blanks simply show that whoever is in charge of running a quality website, is in over his or hers head.<br /><br />The movies are available as Flash streams and this works pretty well, I certainly had no problems, I was just annoyed that the &quot;full screen&quot; option isn&#39;t full screen at all, it just fill out this square that apparently is &quot;full screen&quot;. I did enjoy watching the movies in &quot;high&quot; quality even if it wasn&#39;t that impressive resolution it was still watchable and I was able to watch the scenes without interruptions.<br /><br />Bottom Line:<br />This site is a letdown. It&#39;s Wicked, one of the biggest porn companies in the world, and they decide to make a site like this that all the small players out there does 10x better. A lot could be done to give their members a much better experience but honestly it doesn&#39;t seem like they care about that. I can only recommend this site for die hard Wicked fans that do not have the titles they are looking for on DVD. Even so, don&#39;t count on being able to see that missing one here, however you might be able to order it :)

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