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Review of Hawaii Girls:

First of all, this is a softcore site in every sense of the word, in fact this site only contains semi nudity (breasts). The reason for this is that Hawaiigirls is actually the calendar girls online. The site is run by Coconut Monkeys Company and they have been shooting calenders on Hawaii since 1972 and are now putting this work online. So if you are one of those guys who like to have a nude calender at your office which is not too offensive and you catch yourself glaring at it during the lunch breaks maybe this is the site for you?

Never, on any site have I seen so many beach shots, I mean this site is jam packed with with beautiful exotic (Hawaiian) girls posing at the beach with the obligatory flowery head wear (I'm sure this has an actual name). I don't know much about Hawaii but after this I get the idea that it consists of nothing but beach, am I right?

What it gets right down to is what can you find here? Well as you can tell by now it's pretty standard calendar shots with only the girls ethnic background to stick out between the rest.

I like the Hawaiian girls very much, they are very pretty indeed and the quality of the pictures here is very good. The only real annoyance to me is the size of the "(C)" print on all the pictures. This sticks out a great deal with both glowing and colorful letters and it manages to steal the entire picture occasionally.

Also at times you could wish for some other surroundings than the beach shots, but I guess that pretty much comes with the territory here ;)

What you get is 36 models online so far with models doing many shoots and the updates appears to be almost daily with more shoots of present models and new models coming in. The models can be browsed through alphabetically and if a model has done more than one shoot this is also listed at each letter. This confused a little bit and I think just listing each model once would suffice and then make a page for each model. Other than this navigations runs smooth and it's easy to jump from one shoot to the next.

1 month: $12.95 (recurs at $10.00 a month)


As a real softcore/calender site this is pretty good with a nice clean design, pretty girls and high quality pictures. Another great thing is actually the fact that when you sign up for one month you get a free calendar in the buy. You don't actually have to do anything else but order it no postage is required and you can check out the calendar you get for 2002 here. All in all this is a good buy if you are into the softcore shots, you occasionally see a full nudity shoot, but it's rare, if this tickles your fancy go check it out, great value buy.


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