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Review of Tiny Lisa:

Alright here it goes, this review is beeing written on request of one of our readers, personally I would never have given this site a second look after seeing the frontpage, but if someone is in doubt about this site here it goes...

Lisa either is, or used to be a model for and like it says on her frontpage this probably is "Home of Porn's skinniest webgirl!". She doesn't do much for me I'm afraid, the whole site looks like it was made by a 5 year old, plus the few pictures she offers (max 300) are very low quality, grainy, out of focus and of low resolution, yuck!

Well that pretty much covered the pictures, lets look at the mpegs, you get 21 of them and they are of medium quality, full screen doesn't look all bad but not too good either. Each clip is 30-40 seconds in length so maybe you get 15 minutes worth of video. It's actually good hardcore action but it's very random clips not like you get one big scene or anything, cut-cut-cut-cut and then something and so on, quite annoying. I'll give her this though, she sure is skinny and she surely doesn't have any breasts.

1 month: $14.99

Well although I think this site really is quite bad, it turns out that this is in no way "Lisa's" official page. In fact her name is not Lisa. I just recieved this e-mail from a reader that knows a lot more about this model than I do, please take the time to read his comments below if you are interested in this model:

Submitted by OTA

From what I understand is in no way related to the model. The model is Melissa (her official website can be found at Melissa did a few shoots for the webmaster of who then produced (if you can even call it that) the site. The reason the site is so poor with regards to content is that with it being unofficial they had very limited content of Lisa (aka Melissa, Ashley, Melissa-Ashley etc).

The official site is updated a little more often and is the only OFFICIAL site for Melissa. Now, unfortunately the site is still quite messy with regards to design and layout, but it does have a hell of a lot more content.

I will give you a brief summary :).

Lisa (a.k.a Anne Howe, Melissa, Ashley, BJ Lixx, Katy, Chastity, Mel, Melissa-Ashley) was a former model and still made guest appearances until recently. Lisa is the skinniest girl on the web and has the tiniest tits (32AA) on the net, a fact that she is rather proud of. What she lacks in measurements she certainly makes up in enthusiasm and downright nastiness.

Her official website ( has a variety of content. This ranges from a few thousand pictures to a few hundred videos. The pictures are of an good quality (granted, not the best there is) and has a variety of content. The videos are also of a varying quality and are mixed between MPG and WMV formats. Both the pictures and the video have plenty of hardcore action with Melissa getting downright dirty and she certainly enjoys herself.

The site appears to be updated every few days with both pictures and videos.

She also has a diary section which is infrequently updated but can make for some entertaining reading at times. Just recently she has also started offering ZIP downloads of all her pictures as a members benefit. The content is original and the overall content population of the site seems to be controlled by Melissa.

Thank you for the feedback OTA ;)


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