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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: RM, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days, rebills at $24.95

Review of Cheer Girls:

I recently finished the review of which is also where I found the link to this cheerleader site perhaps because it's made by the same people. Anyway, my main reason for even bringing up their other site sportbabes is because where that site comes up short on the content side, this one more than make up for it, before I begin I will go out on a limb (again) and say that this is probably the biggest/best cheerleader source out there, please read on.

No doubt the best part of this site is the cheergirls' exclusive section "Official Cheergirls" even if they offer a lot of leased material and some from their niche sites this is the category to focus on. At the moment I think they showcase around 150 models here all categorized alphabetically.

Each girl is not just represented by a simple thumbnail in the listings, a really nice touch is that each girl has her own "magazine cover" as shown below.

I found this to be a really nice touch also that each girls info is displayed next to it like her age, weight, measurements, height, name and a short introduction is a very nice touch, personally I never read it but I suspect some would appreciate it ;)
This section is also where the pictures look their best, they are nice and same and of good resolution, very few slipups really and besides the occasionally teen-imposter, teens pretty much dominate this site completely in their shameless ways of wearing the uniform.

Sorry but I am not american so maybe I come off pretty dumb mentioning this, but I do not know what "varsity" means, there is a varsity cheerleader section and if I was to take a shot I would say it's college/university cheerleaders? There are around 30 extra models here too, exclusive to cheergirls, very high quality in this section and extremely pretty girls.

Some of the girls, not many, also offer video clips. The clips come in Real Media format and they are not of the highest quality but they come with sound (overlayed music). There is a low ratio of video clips, my guess would be that 10 of the models have video clips so far, but they are beeing added on a weekly basis now.

So much for their exclusive content which is extremely nice, other than this they offer you some pictures from and a lot of leased material as well. It's nice leased stuff and the video streams and clips are nice too, but if found on a lot of sites too.

The site is updated 2 times a week with new photo shoots, exactly how often they add video clips I don't know, but it looks like once a week perhaps. I was hoping they were really working hard to fill up on the video clips because it looks kinda stupid that 95% of the girls have Video: N/A written next to them.


If you are into teens, cheerleaders and occassional lesbian action in the mix this is definately a site for you to check out. Personally I don't think cheerleader lovers with find a more extensive site with such high quality and so many exclusive cheerleader pictures. The site comes highly recommended and the price is well balanced with what you get, but remember there isn't too much video yet, what there is, is leased.


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