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Review of Hot Body:

I just finished a review of a site that has been dead for over 2 years and now I stumble across one that is alive and kicking, in fact the activity on this site is amazing and the size of it is close to endless. The content is massive with an archive dating back to 1997 and with constant updates the last 5 years you do the math ;)

Well we have a lot of stuff to get through here so let's get to it, this is a breakdown of some of the sections you will find in the Hotbody Clubhouse:

Here you can browse through all the models on the site alphabetically, all the photos and videos are listed in each girls' own section. How many models there are is really impossible to tell hundreds and hundreds for sure well A LOT anyways.

Up & Coming:
A simple updates list and what's next list shows what was added and when. It appears to be updated at least once a day except on weekends.

Special Features:
"No Clubhouse can be complete without getting to see what's Special. The Special Features section is for you to get the scoop and a close-up look at who and what is really hot at Hot Body. Featuring only hot erotic poses from one of our latest Hot Body Contests, along with a personal look at a couple of our more familiar models whose careers are really taking off. (Along with their clothes!)"

New Discoveries:
Fresh new faces discovered by Hotbody, this is where you find the most new faces as well and you can as with all other sections dig into the archive and go back to 1997 as well.

Casting Couch:
Pretty much the same as new discoveries except these girls are more amateur-like.

Bonus Zone:
"Each month this section will feature three models in different categories such as Producer's Favorites, Contest Girls, Hall of Famers etc." Basically it's just 3 special picks of the month.

Video Room:
Here you pretty much get a whole site in itself, I spent a lot of time here checking out all the subcategories here. The clips are devided into the following categories: Quick Strips, Contest Action, Private Dances, Naughty Auditions, Sexy Interviews, Webcast Revue.
Clips here and can be viewed in either Windows Media Format or Quicktime Format and viewers for both can be downloaded in this section.

Voting Booth:
Here you go to cast your vote on a lot polls, unfortunately you can never keep track of how the votings are going :\

Well those were the most interesting categories here, there are a few more, like the archive which I have referred to a few times, but this should also be self explanatory right?

I picked up the navigation pretty quickly with just a twist or two I had to get by. For example it looks like they are making quite a few changes at the moment (maybe improving navigation), but it was no big hassle and I had no trouble getting to where I wanted to go.

The pictures here are all of great quality, very sharp and the babe ratio is extremely high here, all very hot girls/women with both wellknown models and new faces. Earlier Hotbody only showed off the pictures in a medium resolution of approx 357*554, they have actually done this all the way up to 2001 but now they are moving with the times as well, offering larger pictures as well as extra large too and the pictures are just perfect to look at.

All the picture shoots comes complete with an abundance of information about the model and a nice little anecdote as well for those of you who like to know more about the models.

If you want to know more about the models you can also head over to the video room where you will find a nice selection of interviews and other stuff as listed above. These videos can not be downloaded, they are streams only. You get 3 choices of quality/speed but if you choose to view the clips in Quictime you can watch the highest quality you just have to wait a little longer. I only watched the highest quality and these were very enjoyable clips with sound. I would have liked to download these clips as mpegs but I will make due ;)

You get a shitload of content, one of the biggest sites jam packed with exclusive material, I can't tell you the excat amount of pictures or video clips but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there is enough.

1 month: $9.95


I liked this site a lot, only thing that really bothered me were the older lower resolution pictures. When you surf through the new ones you get kind of disappointed with smaller older ones. Also the changing of designs at times was a bit weird to me, but that is no doubt beeing sorted out as we speak.
All in all you can't beat that price it's simply a bloody steal for this great softcore/glamour/e-zine site. You could double that price and I would still call it cheap, comes Highly Recommended by me!


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