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Prices: $19.95/30 days

Review of Island Eyes:

I decided to check out the galleries starting with the first girl on the list. Her dedicated page came up with a brief outline to who she was and textlinks to her gallery pages and a email link (this theme was the same for all girls). I clicked on her first gallery and after waiting for over a minute her page came up with 14 large thumbs. The thumbs indicated that this girl didn't like showing much flesh. I tried the second gallery and this time there were 16 thumbs and the page took almost twice as long to load. Once again her vital bits were covered by her hands or arms – very disappointing. And the theme is quite similar to this for the rest of the girls.

They have around 24 images in all which are mismatched in no particular order and some girls tend to show their breasts and occasionally they even take of their g-strings to show… their bottoms. There are no full-frontal images at all.

Overall, there are currently 27 girls which can be viewed beforehand on the tourpage via small thumbs. They have around 1-4 galleries each consisting of no more than 40 images per girl. All the images are beautifully photographed in 768x400 mode and are of high-resolution. But that is it. There are no videos, messageboards, feeds or anything bordering on full-blown nudity.


1 month: $12.95 (recurring)


This site looked very promising on the outside but disappoints hugely. The girls are faultless in looks and the site design is immaculate. The major flaw(s) are no full-nudity images, no videos, no feeds, irregular updates and very low content. And this also has to be one of the slowest sites I have ever visited in my life. Even freehost providers speeds leave this site in the shadow. The price is just above average for what is on offer. If the webmaster(s) spent less money on design and more money on content and a better server this site would have been a bigger hit.


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