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Review of Amateur Girls:

Well. One often finds one self hungering for real-life women. No more of those "FAKE" women. I wanted REAL people getting freaky. So I figured I'd find some sweet amateurs. I looked around and found this.

They boast to have more that 25.000 pictures, video clips and live feeds. And after poking around a bit I found nothing to dispute that fact. There are a lot of galleries and video sections really great. Plus they have exclusive galleries that are very impressive indeed. Beautiful amateurs ranging from teens to mature women.

First look of the site doesn't actually inspire High Quality. The menu colours are a nasty purple, and you tend to get a little confused of where to click in the menus. You actually have to read the links and buttons, which actually, after a while, started bugging me a bit. When you finally get to view a picture...well...they look great. HQ one and all..well..almost. There was the occasional slip-up, but I'm willing to look past that. The video clips are all HQ, nothing to bitch about there.

3 day trial: FREE (recurs into 1 month)
1 month: $36.19 (recurring)

At first I wasn't all that exited about the site, but after a while it grew on me. I think the site is definitely worth the full 1 month membership..there's simply too much good stuff to see in only 3 days. Check it out. If you like amateurs you will not be disappointed with, but really, if you are interested check out the 3 day trial first but remember to cancel if you do not wish to stay as member.

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