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Review of Action Girls:

Update: is no more! It has been replaced by we might be taking a closer look at this site in the future, for now XXXSPACEGIRLS = DEAD!

No, it's not just a random name picked out to draw quick attention. Believe it or not this site focusses on space as a theme with creative photoshoots involving aliens, spaceships, far away planets and ofcourse the obligatory shots of girls in space suits (yummie!).

Alot of pornstars can be found at this site, but way up in front you are sure to find Sylvia Saint (Sylvia or Silvia?... I'm confused!), Sylvia does the most shoots for this site by far, but that is certainly not a bad thing. You will find other pornstars here as well like Shay Sweet, James St. Claire, Nikki Nova, Jill Kelly etc. None of these have done quite as many shots here as Sylvia though.

I will try not to focus too much on the fact that the updates on this site appear to have stopped, or at least slowed down a lot. I think it's a shame with such a creative idea, but still this site is definately worth a look.

All the pictures are served off in specially made layouts, mark the word layouts because it's a keyword at this site. They make a big deal about their layouts before you join and I can understand that. They have chosen to give you alternatives to the old fashioned way of browsing through thumbnails, they do this by making special and appropriate layouts for each photo sessions, but still most of them can also be browsed through in the traditional way.

First I jumped on the xxxspacegirl layout section and this is also where I enjoyed my stay the most. Each month has a theme and this theme make it out for one edition. An edition usually consists of 4 -7 photo sessions and with different pornstars involved. A good example of an edition would be the BATTLES WITH THE SEXOIDS layout. Here you will see Nikki Nova battling it out with the sexoids along with 4 other girls, here is an excerpt:

"XXXSpacegirl Nikki Nova Impreganted by the Sexoids is taken back to there ship to undergo a deadly alien surgery. See Nikki as she is transformed into Evil Sinister Mind Puppett!"

It's laughable I know, but I found it very entertaining and the outfits the girls wear are very sizzling. Combine that with high quality sharp pictures and you have some good innovative porn ;)
I there is currently around 40 photoshoot in the spacegirl section and unfortunately it does not look like they actually add a new layout every month anymore.

Some other layouts worth mentioning is the horrorsex section, now this is actually a site on it's own but you get access to it with your membership at xxxspacegirls. This is built up like the spacegirl layouts with stories and costumes, but this is for those of you who like to see girls making out with blood all around and vampires dying to take a bit out of them, actually it's mostly vampires it revolves around here.

To quicly sum up the other layouts there are: Beautiful legs, Feature girl and Xxxhighschool layout. The picture quality gets a bit dicey in these other layouts but it never gets bad really. The worst quality you are likely to find on this site is in the mpeg section so this is not the best site for video clips. The mpegs are small in resolution and they are without sound, there are around 25 video sessions which ofcourse are cut up into smaller clips.

3 day trial: $2.95
7 day trial: $7.95
1 month: $34.95


I wouldn't spend a full month here because of the very high price, I would however recommend that you try the 7 day trial or 3 day because this site is really not to be missed. The ideas are original, the girls are beautiful and the quality is good. If you are looking for hardcore pictures this is really not the place, sure there are a pornstar girls here, but not a lot of hardcore action.
If this site was still updated on a regular basis I would definately rate it higher, for now I will just say that it's a very interesting site.


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