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Review of Diana Jameson:

"Hi there!! My name is Diana, your exhibitionist web mistress. Come inside for pictures of amateur exhibitionists and braless erotic girls in very sexy revealing clothing. fully fashioned seamed stockings, suspenders, garters, exhibitionist heels, fetish fashion, see thru and sheer blouses. Also pictures of amateur transparent dresses, up skirts, exhibitionist down blouses, lingerie, flashing, exhibitionism, public nudity, exhibitionists, outdoor sex, bikini, thong and amateur pictures of micro mini skirts etc."

I don't know what it is about the English folks and exhibitionism, almost every English amateur page I look at have an exhibitionism section and this one is actually dedicated to it... must be very big over there. This is actually the first page I look at that is so dedicated showing off exhibitionists so I do not have much to compare it with, but I suspect this one does a pretty good job.

The site has been online since February 1996, that in itself is pretty impressive, that's actually the same year I came online and damn! we have to look at some serious crap back then ;) This is also why I was a bit scared of reviewing this site. Luckily Diana apparently doesn't accept just any crap on her page because she has flushed a lot of the first pictures there were on the site because of low quality and in her own words: "They were the first pics I ever took, and to be honest, in the early days I made a lot of mistakes". Honesty appreciated, now let's see what's "left" now.

I will focus only on the original content of this site and not the leased content. I must admit I think it's some pretty impressive leased content considering the price for 1 month here is only $10 so I will just mention that you get access to PartyCamz for that price, rest is boring pictures really but some fairly good video feeds.

If we boil it down a bit we end up with 2 sections, the site's own pictures and contributions both are actually treats for you amateur / exhibitionists lovers.

Diana's shoots 80% of all the pictures shot in the site's own picture section and this is actually quite big. You navigate through them by selecting page numbers; I would have liked some categories as alternative ways of navigating, but nevertheless... There are 24 pages here at the moment with 10 photo shoots (240) this is a lot of pictures for this price. The quality of the pictures is pretty good, they are nice and sharp but in small resolution. The sharpness of the pictures make them enjoyable to watch still.

Just to get the record straight now, you don't actually get that many pictures of Diana Jameson herself, like I said earlier she shoots the material here but you will get around 10 shoots of her. The rest are models and for real amateur lookers there is a nice babe ratio here. A lot of the girls are really cute looking.

That was the pictures shot for the site, the other pictures are the contributions and these are actually categorized. You will find a large amount of pictures here, I was really amazed I think there might be a couple of thousand pictures here and the fact that you can browse through them by category such as: butts, breasts, outdoors etc. makes it all the more easy to find what you are looking for. You will find a few video clips here as well, very few but still, also you will come across some lesbian pictures as well as cumshots and general hardcore.

That's about it, if it doesn't sound like a lot they actually advertise there are around 32,000 pictures here. It didn't feel quite like that much but there sure was a lot.

Some annoyances about the site would have to be the design; both the look and the navigation can at times annoy the hell out of you to put it mildly. The page is designed for 1024*768 resolution, if you run below this you better get real comfortable with scrollbars and even if you run the suggested resolution you have to deal with this weird bottom frame where you will sometimes get some thumbnails served. This frame is very small and it makes it very hard to browse through the thumbnails.

Also the grayish look gets boring quickly and in the contributions sections it's hard to get an overview with the text being written in brown on it plus the categories are placed sporadically in between each other.

1 month: $9.95


I think this is a good site for you amateur/exhibitionist lovers for sure. I would appreciate higher resolution pictures, the contributions you can't do much about but the ones she shoots herself could get a bit bigger. To sum it up for you: Low price, tons of content also leased stuff, tricky navigation at times, not the prettiest design, above and below medium quality pictures (below are the contributions).... from here I leave it to you, but if you are a fan of the fetishes displayed here you should definitely give this one a shot.


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