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Review of Celeb Club:

In my opinion, a successful celebrity site needs an incredibly large database to be able to compete with the rest. Also the site needs a good updating feature. It should be updated everyday and it should have a certain section dedicated to, new updates for ease of use by the consumer.

This site has done exactly just that. The first link I connected to was the updates section labelled "Today's Update (Thu 11 Jul 2002)". Just today there were over 9 pages full of about 15 pictures (thumbnails) per page and its only mid-day. They also included a section that archives the past week's additions.

The "FFFV" section includes current supermodel fashion photos. I personally didn't value this section, although it would seem appropriate for others too. The next section I clicked to was the "Celebrity Scandals" section. This section is built upon many scandals throughout the week, and of course there are also archives. But this section was incredibly entertaining, I first read about how Britney Spears is the most powerful celebrity, and then I read about how Halle Berry is portrayed as a slut, at least in Angela Basset's eyes. Each scandal includes a few paragraphs of a review and some include photos that accompany the scandal.

Next I found myself at the foot of an incredibly unbelievable database of celebrities. Sorted by last name I first clicked to A. Going straight to Pamela Anderson like most others would first do, just to see how many photos they had in contrast to other great sites. The pictures were separated into 2 categories "nude" and "non-nude" which makes browsing simplistic. Just of Pamela Anderson alone they had 531 non-nude pictures, and 449 nude pictures. It goes without saying, I clicked on nude. The pictures were then separated into 10 "suites" or pages of thumbnails. There were 48 thumbnails per page which included the file size and date added, which was a great feature. The only flaw i see here is the thumbnails are a little small, but if you have good eyes you wont seem to mind. I also decided to take a quick look at Britney Spears, because on the features page it said it had an extensive Britney Spears archive, and nowadays people will say that just to get you to join their site. But it was very true here at Celeb Club, like they stated there was 167 photos, photos that I have never seen before. They also included a search feature to find you favourite celebrities fast.

International Celebrities, this is a section where the you can find celebs from load of different countries and browse by the flag of the countries.. I don't normally find myself in these types of sections but I looked at just Italy and there must have been hundreds of celebrities. This I would image would be extremely useful for people in different countries.

I was incredibly satisfied with the features section. This section included, certain groups of celebrities, like baywatch for example, or Bond Girls, or Wrestling celebrities. In this section they also had the full length "Pam & Tommy" video.

Another part of this site which was as impressive as the rest of the site was the video clips section. This section is jam-packed full of celebrity videos. When your mouse goes over a certain clip for a celebrity it displays the description, file size, and nudity rating in the status bar. There were many, many clips, for example, Lisa Boyle had 43 clips alone.

I decided to end things in the Newsgroups section. It contained about 15 newsgroups which were a little inciting but some of the newgroups such as the "pictures.erotica.oral" were a little sickening to me, but then again, there newsgroups, there not maintained by Celebclub, its just a provided addendum.

1 month: $39.95 RECURRING
1 year: $99.95 ONE TIME FEE

This was all pretty much the backbone of Celebclub, not to mention a section for games, and some offsite links to celeb nudity news and so forth. But all in all this is an extremely incredible celebrity site, definitely one of the best I have ever seen. It has more than 12,000 celebs, 250,000 pictures and 4,500 videos! If you only have enough money for one celebrity site this would be, without a doubt the one to choose.

The reason this site does not get the full 5 star rating is because of a lot of dead links when using the top navigation bar, which requires flash by the way. This should be fixed first so navigation goes smoothly.

Also the 1 month membership fee is way too much as opposed to the 1 year membership price which is competitive.
We still rate this site high because our celeb loving reviewer went nuts over this site ;)


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