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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Viv Thomas Video:

In the spirit of the truly great erotic photographers Vivian Thomas does not settle for simply a picture site ( but also with a video site and one of best out there that really gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Let's start by having a look at what the site promises when you join:

- full screen videos

The full screen videos are available in DivX format, this actually ensures you great quality at the smal filesizes. The videos can also been seen streaming in Windows Media format available for 3 types of connections: 56k, 128k and 350k. 56k isn't really my cup 'o tea but for a 56k stream it doesn't really get any better.

- new clips every week

I had problems figuring out exactly how often the site is updated because you can't see an actual update list, but you CAN see the date a clip is added when you browse through them. Still an update list would be nice for people who have been away for a while.

- entire 10-20 minutes scenes at DVD quality

I would like to emphasize this, it's very rare to see big sized clips like here. Usually all size cut all the clips up into segments and leave it at that. Well here they do the same thing, cut the clips up into segments BUT they also you offer the scene in one complete clip.
The average duration of the clips is approx. 15 min. but you can also find 22 minute scenes and ofcourse below 15 as well.

- world exclusive videos never before seen

At the moment there at not too many of these actually only 5 minutes of it let's hope more is added, but it's not all the important if you ask me ;)

- scorching hardcore action

Lots of boy/girl and girl/girl hardcore clips, and may I add, extremely beautiful women allround, mr. Thomas sure knows how to pick them.

- behind the scenes action of hardcore photo shoots

There are 4 clips at the momen but this actually adds up to 80 minutes of behind the scenes video. These clips are my favorite, I downloaded all 4 and I am hungering for more they are both erotic and fun to watch at the same time.

Vivthomasvideo respondd swiftly to this review and has now made a section with a complete listing of the clips. Currently there are 64 clips with an average of 15 minutes per clip so you get around 15 hours of high quality video, very nice. And commendable that vivthomas made this better overview available so quickly.

Another way of browsing through the clips is a search function. Here you have 6 categories where you can choose which "ingredients" you would like in your clips. It's a nice idea, unfortunately they probably need to double their video archive before it really gets useful.

I'll close this off by saying that the quality of these clips is very high and that they can easily be blown up to full screen like they promise you. Besides the actual clips are high quality so are the girls, happy and pretty all the way, you really get the idea that they are enjoying this.

1 month: $34.95

A great video site which can certainly compete with the other big photographer video site out there, The advantages of this site is that you can actually download the video clips and that you pay one price for the whole thing. This is my favorite video site and I have been promised by vivthomasvideo that a lot more behind the scenes material is on the way and more exclusive stuff. In a 1 month membership period there will also be added 1+ hour of video extra so you will not grow tired of this site any time soon.


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