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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
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Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Porn Buster:

What better advertisement could an adult site use than to say "WE ARE 110% HARDCORE!!!" That's the line that uses to entice you into their site. How nice it would be if it were true. But it isn't. Closer to the truth would be "WE ARE 50% HARDCORE!!!" but of course, who would buy into that?

Evaluating Pornbusters couldn't have been easier because the work was done before I even looked at the site. You see, Pornbuster posts user evaluations on every movie feed, live feed, and gallery. And to my surprise, the user ratings were far lower and far more critical than my own ratings.

A significant amount of the content is given the lowest score possible (1 on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is best) and yet Pornbusters operators haven't bother to remove that low-quality material from the site. Here are some examples of their customers' scoring (I don't know how often they update the numbers, so your totals may vary from mine):

Recorded feeds - The average score for 155 feeds was 4.81. Eighteen feeds got a score of 1 (the lowest) while only 3 got a score of 10. On the sign-up page they say there are "downloadable movies" but I couldn't find any. I think they mean that the sample movies on that page ONLY are downloable. None of this content is original.

Live feeds - These are the kind of feeds where they invite you pay extra to chat 1-on-1 with the model. The average score for 31 feeds was 6.4. None of this content is original

Photo galleries - Average score for 14 galleries 7.4. They say that there is some original content here, but I couldn't be sure. I saw lots of pictures that appear elsewhere.

E-zines and Stories - Average score was 5.3 for the 10 items in the section. None of this content is original.

I don't know how many people contributed to these scores. It could have been 5 and it could have been 5000. So it's not exactly a scientific survey. But it is more or less consistent with my own evaluation.

I am very familiar with the feeds offered here since they are the same ones you will find on all of the adult magasites. I have never rated them as low as Pornbuster's customers. But I am as disappointed as they are with the generally low quality of the material whether seen here or on the other megasites. Why don't these sites offer high-quality adult films instead of the cheap, low-quality stuff? Why don't we see more movies with top rate porn stars, the kind we can rent at video stores?

One good thing I can say is that they make it very easy for you to cast your vote - on the front page of every feed is a place to enter your score for that feed. There is also a notice telling you that the feed is "supplied by a third party" and there is a customer service address (in case the feed doesn't work).

They advertise "over 165,000" pictures but I wasn't able to confirm this. The numbering of the photo sets is screwy, and sometimes jumps by as much as 100 from one page to the next. So when I try to add up the number of sets I can't get anywhere near 165.000. The photos range in quality, many of them are quite good and in 800x600 resolution. Lots of these pictures are circulating on the Internet on bootleg sites, so you might have seen them elsewhere. Picture categories include: Anal sex, Blondes, Blowjobs, Bondage (not much real bondage here), Brunettes, Cumshots, Fucking, Lesbian, Models, Redheads, Solo, and Three Way Sex. There is a very sophisticated paging system which not only allows you to store your favorite pictures, but you can even set options so that the thumbnail pages will display the way you want them to - changing the number of rows, columns, headings, options, etc. You can also download an entire photo shoot in zip format to save time.

In addition to the video feeds and galleries, the "Interactive" section contains several sex comics, some sex related games, and some video feeds where you can chose the model, pose, and sex act: these include well-know feeds such as Gyno Girls, Toy Vision, Play Doctor (all from Holio - a provider of may widely available feeds), and Cyberfold. Some of this material is fun - though not very interactive. This section got the highest customer score of 7.5.

The "Premium Services" is where you get to spend more money on phone sex, dating and friend finder services, and an adult store.

As with all of the megasites, you'll get your share of broken feeds. Don't forget to report these and demand credit on you membership.

"Updated daily with original content".

This is another one of those sites where you can't even see the price until you give them your email. Always a bad sign in my eyes.

1 week trial $4.95
$29.95 per month

Not very different from other megasites, but the price here is a bit better than most. Before joining this or any other megasite be sure to compare quality and quantity and price. The one week trial is a good deal, but be sure to cancel if you do not wish to stay as member.


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