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Review of Frankie:

Having lived in California, I always thought that the state had more than its fair share of pretty women. Most people attribute this to all the women who came to the state as aspiring movie actresses only to end up married and raising children. is dedicated to the girls of one California City. Here's their pitch:

All of Frankies Angels are everyday girls from San Diego, CA. They represent the "normal" or "average" girl that you might find in a grocery store or walking down the street. Frankie shoots all of his girls with his own camera at his own house. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the settings for each photo shoot are very similar. This is so Frankie can present to you a truly "amateur" experience. Enjoy...

This was an easy site to review. The women are easy on the eyes, the photographs are good, and the videos are long.

There are 60+ models - all look to be 18-22 years old. Some of the models' pages include a scan of their "modelling application." (Unfortunately, this section is not up to date, and more than half of the models bios aren't posted.) These short "bios' are fun to read. We learn their ages, sexual tastes, sexual experiences, and so forth. Several of them claim to be students. I guess we know how they are paying their tuition. I hope they update this section because it is a lot of fun to read.

Navigating the site is easy; on the "Our Models" page you can click on the picture of the model to get to her page where you can select pictures, bio, or movies (not all of the models have movies). A better approach is with the "Find Your Flavour" search engine that lets you select models by hair color, body type, chest size, amount of pubic hair, and the sexual activity (12 categories to choose from).

In most cases there are 50+ pictures per model. Some models have 2 or 3 different shoots, most have just 1. The pictures are sharp, well lit, and well posed. The models actually look like they're having a good time - they smile and they really seem to be having fun. This is a wonderful change from the many sites where the models either appear to be under duress, or look like they have tonight's dinner on their minds. I suspect that part of this positive attitude is due to the model's ages, and part due to a more liberal attitude about sex among California women.

Videos are in Real Media format, which means that they are not downloadable (unless you have software for capturing Real Media streams). They range in length from about 5 to 11 minutes, with solo, toys, girl/girl, and a few girl/boy scenes. There are over 30 movies for a total of over 4 hours of video. Except for a couple clips the majority are 240x350 resolution, high enough to be displayed at 2x resolution. They are will lit and sharp. I have a minor complaint about somebody's idea of fancy camera work – as they film they swivel the camera 90 degrees one way then 90 degrees the other, back and forth. Hey, CUT IT OUT guys. It just makes you seasick. There is a choice of resolution for low- and hi-speed connections.

There is some other fun stuff on the site; sex related video games (Strip poker, Jizzball, Anal Invaders, Ass Blasters, Bust a Nut and Strip Blackjack), a Story of the Day (about 2 pages long), and an online General store selling various sex paraphernalia and Frankie's full-length videos. There is a member's bulletin board, but with a total of 10 postings, it doesn't get much use. There is also a live web cam in Frankie's studio, but after checking it out over several days I never saw anything going on.

The site is update with a new girl every week.

1 month: $39.95
3 day trial: $4.95


The girls are fresh, pretty, and enjoying themselves, the photography is good, sharp, and hi-res. If you like the Teenie look (without too much hardcore) your going to enjoy yourself at Frankie's.


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