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Review of Lap Dance Video:

- "The world's leader in exotic dancer videos" -

This is what it says on the frontpage of this site, and if this is the truth, then the net is in dire need of more sites in this category because this one is kind of a let down. They specialize in lap dancing ofcourse, pole dancing and and the likes, ofcourse the girls masturbate too and it also ends up in some hardcore boy/girl action. It's all video clips and the girls are all packing booty, and the girls are all black (except one for some reason).

There are 24 girls here and ofcourse then 24 sessions, one for each girl. These sessions are cut up in to 6 segments of about 10MB a piece. However it's not like these segments are consecutive, actually I watched two sessions all together and I tried pasting them together, but it turned out the clips didn't fit together at all. An example of this would be one of the girls are masturbating by herself and when you look at the next clip some guy is cummin all over her. The thumbnail for this girl showed her blowing a guy, but this was not in any of the clips, no doubt they want you to buy the COMPLETE videos.

The clips I saw were all of good quality but without sound so I find it rather hard to enjoy them. I think it's pretty low charging $25 to get into a site only to find out they are just pushing their damn VHS tapes. It seems to me that they should make all these 7-9 minute sessions available for free so more people could decide to buy these tapes, OR they should make proper clps available for their members with sound and some that can actually be pasted together to make sence.

1 month: $24.95

Well this site doesn't deserve much of a rating mainly because of low quality, but also because of the obvious attempt to just sell you more and more. I would avoid this site in the future, a fair price for this site could be $5 the current clips here are definately not worth anymore, and NO there is nothing more to see here. Not recommended.


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