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Review of Brit Wives UK:

This one is for all you wife lovers out there, if you are always searching for the wives/amateur photos in the usual porno mag, then this is probably the site for your. It's not a new idea, rather an old idea brought online, though it is probably being done elsewhere too this site does it really well. They are dedicated to bringing your the readers' own snapshots of their British wife, girlfriend or whatever they.

Just to get it out the way, if you are expecting super high resolution pictures of 1,80 meter blonde babes in high heels and makeup you are definitely reading the wrong review. The quality of the pictures are quite good considering the readers send them in themselves but an average resolution would be 480*360, can be up to 800*600. Also the pictures are not always as sharp as you would want, but it all comes with the territory in this category.

I think this site might be fairly young but already they are very well set up with some routine competitions and various themes. Every month there is of course a competition where the members all vote for their favorite among the latest competitions submission pictures (I voted for Debbie to win in June, go help me out!). I spent quite a while looking of the competitors and finally cast a vote, exactly what the girls win I don't know, but if there are always 9 entries to the competition I think it's something nice.

There a quite a few attempts to spice up the whole "girl next door" theme and this is done quite obvious by making an "Up your street"-section. This part of the site is dedicated to outdoor flashing pictures, where the point of it being that you British folks out there might be able to recognize the surroundings, or maybe even the girls. There were currently 14 submissions to this section (multiple pictures in each submission).

A part of this site that really cracked me up was the "wet 'n' messy" section. To give you an idea of what this is all about check out this excerpt from the page:

"We are always looking for BritWives who are dirty enough to appear in this section. If you have a craving to mix it with the mayonnaise, get sexy with the salsa, or if you just like to get wet with plain old water...why not have some fun and send the results to us for our members viewing pleasure."

I found that whole section immensely entertaining, watching wives covering themselves in everything from yogurt to strawberries to unknown substances (hope they solve that one soon! Please let us all know Wendy ;)).

There are of course options to browse through all the entries since December 2001 (which must when the site started). I counted around 121 entries in the archive and this didn't include the specialty sections, pretty nice collection already with an average of 20 entries per month which is almost one per day, nice.

The rest of my time here was spent reading letters from the members (some of them really nasty!), some of the erotic stories and checking out the britwife babes. There are currently 4 britwife babes and it seems that these are wives who have sent in pictures in the past, made an impression and then they become official icons of britwife making their pictures completely exclusive to

The site is very easy to navigate and pleasant to look at, it's obvious that a lot of work has gone into the design while being mindful of easy navigation.

1 month: $15 (NON-recurring...NICE!)

This site is the best I have seen in this category, in other words if you are into wife pictures (and it doesn't hurt to be British either) then you are in for a real treat here, I certainly enjoyed my visit here and have no problems recommending this site, also because of it's very fair price.


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