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Review of Exploited Teens:

This is really an un-complicated review to write, the only thing I really have to do is inform you of what kind of genre we are dealing with here and then a little about what you will find here, which of course includes exploited teens hmkay.

Well this is a video clip site mainly with a small selection of pictures. To my surprise the exclusive pictures here were not mpeg dumps, but actually high quality pictures. Usually these video sites just dump a couple hundred frames from the videos and then they have their photo gallery, well they don't do that here.

67 sessions with 67 different girls is what you get here. All these are of course split into 30 seconds clip (usually) and there is not an option to download one complete session. If you want to see it all in one setting you have download all the clips and join them together manually with a program like TMPGEnc for example (for more help on this go !here!.

Everything is shot in "1st person"-shots, yes I don't know how else to explain it, but if you go to the front page of the site you will see what I mean. The quality is terrific all the way and all the clips can easily be blown up to full screen size, plus the sound is very clear and easy to make out.

I enjoyed the clips very much, mostly because the girls were in general really cute to look at, and though it's called exploitedteens they really appear to have a fun time here. The guy filming them (and getting blown by them) is very relaxed with the girls, he makes them laugh and treats them real nice. It's not like one of those where they are just talking down to the girls saying do this, do that and no questions asked. It's still very hardcore but the girls seem more comfortable, and I enjoy it more when I see the girl give a sincere laugh during the scenes.

After you join you are still guaranteed to see some new girls all the time because the site is updated once a week with one completely new session and new model it seems. Very nice.

There is also tons of leased material here, feeds, live shows, galleries and so on, nothing out of the ordinary but it's there.

1 month: $29.95

Exploited teens
is one of the best sites I have seen in it's genre that's for sure. Cute girls, high quality mpegs and lots of them. You definitely get your moneys worth so if you want to collect blowjob clips this is a great place to start. Recommended.


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