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Review of Lipstick Lesbo:

This review is gonna look an awful lot like all the other sites the guys who run this owns. Cyber Trend run this site and they are just one of many companys who has found the sweet, easy and lazy way to make money off internet porn.

What they do is they take some poor cheap content which is so used you get it for free most places, then they make a gazillion sites who all have the same basic design they just change the frontpage and sometimes the background color. All the sites have the same content and it's all crap. This is a very used method to make quick money for some, so more than beeing a review, this is basically a warning. All these sites get the same review and I can't say this enough, STAY AWAY!

The following applies for all the sites CYBER TREND run:

Everything on this site is bought straight from

It's really not worth the time going into anymore about the sites. You do get access to a lot of common pictures, they all appear to be sharp and small.

While browsing you are bombarded with flashing banners and the pages really looks ridiculous all together.

Price: (the cheap laugh this month)
1 month: $39.28 (they GOTTA be kidding)

Stay away, it's crap, it's adds, it's non exclusive, it's small and it's not what you think. C-R-A-P!


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