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Review of Alley Baggett:

Have you ever heard of Alley Baggett?...
I think you might have, she was one of the first girls I ever owned a complete photo shoot of on my hard drive and I'm not gonna try to hide it, I think she is FINE!

There are photo shoots dating back to 1998, and there are around 3 new photo shoots added each month, so you do the math on how many pictures there are.... there are plenty and nice varieties with special twists. The pictures are one thing but there are also feeds from some or her shoots, about 14 and they work (score). In the journal section you can read Alley's thoughts, for example about how she saw the wtc tragedy, this also explains why the chat is down... they have closed it down because of the 9/11 tragedy, when it will be back up we don't know.

High Quality every where you look on this site. The design is original and very well done, actually one of the best layouts I've seen on a site in quite a while. The pictures are just perfect quality in high resolution and professionally shot.

The 14 video feeds are all good quality and the speed is mostly good enough to give you a smooth stream, I must admit that I got lost in the feeds for about 30 minutes, I just couldn't leave...sorry ;)

There is a fetish section with one photo shoot and I think the fetish featured there is apparently a "mirror" fetish, never mind. Best thing though is the video section where they go behind some shoots, very nice feature well worth mentioning again.

1 month: $14.95

A great site of a beautiful woman. Its original done, its fast, its high quality and it's all Alley. You get what you pay for and you get it at a cheap price, so big thumbs up for this site!

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