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Review of Matrix Nudes:

Matrixnudes appears to be a rather new shining star on the online porn sky. First of all it's a megasite which means lots of leased content, but also a lot of exclusive material. The thing is that Matrixnudes license their pictures to others who can afford to buy them, but I am not sure if they actually keep some of the content just for this site.

Luckily everything on the site is categorized very well, it even has an exclusive section so I decided to spent the majority of my time there, and I had a pretty good time here alone.

As always I go straight for the pictures, I know I'm gonna want to look at the video clips later, but the pictures usually give away if the sites quality is poor right away. Well these pictures are without a doubt very high quality glamour pictures. The pictures have been retouched a tad but for glamour lovers this certainly makes the pictures more appealing, and boy are they appealing. The babe ratio of the girls here is off the scale, high class, long haired, high heels wearing babes all the way. Between all these models you also run across very familiar names such as: Alexus Winston, Nikki Nova, Zdenka and Erica Campell to name some.

The selection of posing shots is nice, it's not overwelming in the exclusive section but it is the dominant category without a doubt. There are a few hardcore sessions and a bit more lesbians but these doesn't tip the scale, softcore glamour shots really is what it's all about. I especially missed some hardcore action in the videoclips where I had to settle for stripshows and some girls with toys.

The videos are great though, high quality clips all available in 3 different formats: Real Media, Quicktime or Windows Media files. And in all 3 formats the clips are available in low/high quality for broadband and dialup users.
All the clips were with sound, and the stripshows had some nice music to it, I must say that I espicially enjoyed the Nikki Nova strip that was sexy. But also there were some interviews with the models and behind the scenes shots.
There are about 50 sessions offered in videoclips where these 50 are ofcourse cut into smaller clips for quick viewing. Unfortunately you are not able to download any of these clips, they are only available as feeds. I would have liked to be able to download them, and then get the shots in one big file, but I doubt that is gonna happen here, but I really enjoyed the clips.

Even if the content isn't huge it doesn't stop this site from making a ton of categories to put the pictures into. You can actually browse by: Age, Eye color, Hair color, Foot wear, Breast size, Ethnic background etc. This doesn't work out all that well, mostly because the content is not large enough for all these categories and also if you for example find a girl under ethnic and then click her name you are just directed to the video section, and from here you have to find her yourself again if you remember the name (a slipup no doubt) ;) In time I think this categorisation is a good idea, but you have to wait for the content to expand quite a bit.

Now this is the part where I leave the exclusive section and start to see what other stuff is available. The rest if ofcourse leased content hosted on other sites and most of it is really unexciting. I checked out a few adult games (had seen them all before) and tested my sex IQ. I looked over some of the live feeds and again there was nothing new, but the ones they had chosen could have been a lot worse.

I ended my visit by checking out their semi-new message board to see some member reactions to this site. There were different categories to post in, again a bit too extensive because most of the sections are pretty empty. I guess the members will come around later on posting here, for now I could tell that the admins check the board several times a day and respond quickly to members suggestions or problems.

1 month: $24.95

All in all this is a nice high class site, with a nice selection of babes in high quality glamour shots. I had seen a lot of the pictures elsewhere before but all in all I had nice time here and have no problem giving this site 4 stars, mostly because of the excellent videoclips ;)


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