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Review of Sexy Noelle:

I went to review the SexyNoelle site with high expectations. I was a member of the site a couple of years ago - before I became an adult site reviewer and started getting access for free :-). Noelle was my dream web mistress - beautiful, great bod, and she was having fun. My biggest complaint about amateur models is that no one tells them to SMILE. Most amateur models look like they wish they were a hundred miles away. They look like they are thinking about who's going to pick up the kids after school, or what they need to buy at the grocery. How's a guy supposed to get excited about that? Not Noelle! She spreads her legs, looks you right in the eye, and BIG SEXY SMILE. Like I said, I was really looking forward to getting back.

So you can understand how disappointed I was to find that Noelle stopped contributing her own pictures and videos to the site. All of the pictures of her are from 2 years ago, and except for about four movies all the videos are from then as well. Not only that. The main video library (with about 70 clips) uses Vivo format - a format, which is no longer, supported. If you don't have it running on your system from years ago, and you have the latest version of your browser, you probably won't be able to install it. And you won't be able to watch the clips. I suspect if you write them about it they're going to point you to the 4 new movies (broken up into about 6 clips each), and tell you that if you don't have Vivo you have the new stuff in Windows or Real Media. But trust me, this is no replacement for those 70 Vivo clips from yesteryear. They were good.

Instead SexyNoelle *hosts* 24 other sites in her "other babes" sections. Each "babe" has her own photo gallery containing a few to a few hundred 640x480, mostly softcore pictures. The women are all very attractive, the photography is almost all professional, but few of the pictures are "hot".

On the "other babes" page you will also find links to well-known licensed material like VaVoom magazine, Amsterdamm Mega Galleries, Ron Vogel Photography, Jenna Jameson Galleries, and 14 other sites. There's a large quantity of photos here, a lot of it is hardcore, and as usual, highly variable in quality, but it's the same you get on so many other sites.

On the Cams and Videos page you'll find a wide selection of material. There are more than 10 cam shows each day, less on Friday and Saturday (on the June calendar), 15 channels of video clips, 3 full-length movies (cut into 40 "convenient" Real Media segments), Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee videos (is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen this?), and 26 channels of Streaming video. Again, all of this material is licensed and available on many sites.

There's a selection of audio files of woman reading sexual material and there's the Voyeur Phone, a Holio offering: "The Voyeur Phone - WOW!!! :-) This is incredibly unique!!! :-) Guess what?? By being a Playhouse member, you get sexy conversations on the phone!!! !!! :-) You can call up and talk live or you can listen to the taped messages of those who have gone before youIn case you were wondering, there are over 130 photo shoots of Noelle, conveniently marked as soft, medium, and hardcore (about 15 are hardcore). Each photo shoot contains 20-50 photos in 640 x 480 resolution. Some of the pictures are video captures. Most, but not all are sharp and well photographed.

There's lots of other stuff on the site to amuse you. A section with about 200 vintage erotic photos, a page of adult humor, 19 "classes" in Noelle's sex education forum, a few dozen pictures (mostly Noelle) in the "Erotic Art Museum", some wallpaper, wav files, and screensavers in the "Goodies" section, and some adult games. Also, so you can say you visit the site for the articles - there is a page of current world news headlines.

1 month: $19.95


If you enjoy softcore pictures of attractive woman, which you won't see elsewhere, SexyNoelle's is a site to consider.


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