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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, MOV, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days

Review of Explicite:

You want porn done tastefully and professionally? Well then trust the French to get it right! I am very proud to have been contacted by John B. Root himself (if you don't know him you will in time) because this site knocked me off my feet.

That was my intro to this review when I first reviewed Explicite 5 years ago. Today I got a mail from a webmaster letting me know how terribly outdated my review was and logging in right away I realised just how right that was. Explicite has evolved a great deal since I first reviewed this site and therefore I didn't find it fitting just to do a follow-up here, I need to re-write the whole thing because this site is among the finest photography/erotic sites out there.

Explicite-art features erotic content shot by John B. Root, a very talented photographer who always seems to find a new perspective on porn and always brings something interesting and very erotic out of his models. There is a kind of rawness yet very sophisticated feel to anything he puts his hands on and that makes for a very interesting site that could easily have fallen into the generic porn site crack. It doesn't, instead it rises above almost any other comparable site and sets the bar pretty high for anyone wanting to compete.

So what's here?
The content is very mixed and focuses both on high quality video as well as photo sets. Everything being so neatly sorted and easy to navigate it almost blew my mind. The niches range from soft nude pictures/videos to hardcore anal sex and everything in between. Everything is categorized into the following niches: hetero, group, soft, hard, pink, dildo, blow, anal, vaginal, double, fist, pipi, xtrem. As you can imagine this fine indexing makes it very easy to find just what you are in the mood for on any given day. Of course you can also browse by models, you can do this by simply selecting the name of the model in a dropdown box, or you can go the detailed route and see model listings sorted by either rank (user rating), date or name. Layout and design is simply perfect in every aspect and it's so intuitive that anyone can master this monster site within a few minutes.

So how much is there?
Well I'm glad you ask because this info is easy for me to lift from the site, so here is a copy paste of the content available at the time of review:


Impressive stats when you think about the fact that this is 100% exclusive material found nowhere else. Not many photographer sites can measure up here but this shows how much time and effort has gone into this site ever since it launched in 2002. And ever since then it seems John B. Root is only getting better and better, just to underline how much sweet content we get here.

Technical info
The pictures are available in High/Low res JPGs with high usually meaning a resolution of 1800x1200 and low being 600x400, this is perfect for browsing the pictures. When you find a set you would like to keep you simply click the ZIP format download icon and you get all pictures downloaded in High Res format in one .zip file, this is always a nice feature! It's also nice that when you are browsing the thumbnails of a set you are able to choose how many thumbnails to display per page. I like seeing all on one page but you can choose between 12, 24, 28 or ALL thumbnails per page, something for everyone and again makes things easy for us.

The videos should certainly also cater to everyone except for those of you who have become addicted to segmented vids, you won't find that here, only full movie downloads(!). Each movie is available as: DivX, Mpeg, Quicktime, WMV and Ipod (mp4) format. No one should feel excluded here.

To help each other out here, be sure to use the user-ratings feature, with this you can rate the girl and/or the set from a scale from 1-5 it's always nice to be able to go through the top of the crop first so help each other out!

Anything else you would like to add?
Well I think I covered all of it really, however I could add that the models here not over exposed on the net in anyway, in fact most of the models I have not seen in other productions mainly because these are French chicks and they have not been over saturated so that's another fresh feeling. To boot the TV movies and full feature films John B. Root has produced over the years are also available, sadly these are only available as streaming video. An overhaul of these vids would be all that's needed to make every aspect perfect.

The bottom line:
This is one of the very best erotic/photography/video sites out there. It balances well between being a nice arty photo site to going all out as a hardcore sex site shot with taste. Everything in fact seems to ooze good taste and a sense of details making this a very good 5 star site that I highly recommend if you are tired of generic porn or you simply ask a lot of from your porn site. Highest recommendation!


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