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Review of Club Online:

For those of you who never look at the men's magazine section in your local liquor store, Club magazine is one of the better-known "girlie" mags. The same company publishes Club, Club International, and Club Confidential. All three have the same format. Each month they print 4-5 photo spreads, sometimes an advice column, some sexy letters, maybe an interview with a pornstars, some other filler columns, and lots and lots of ads for phone sex, sex toys, sex videos, and sex paraphernalia. The magazines also have web sites, though a separate membership is required for each.

Sometimes its convenient to divide Adult into two groups: Specialty sites with unique content, often of varying quantity and quality (their fees are usually modest) -- and Megasites which lease their content from a variety of sources, overwhelming you with thousands of picture galleries, video streams and film clips - and they usually charge you a lot. Club Online is in the middle of these two groups. Here you will find photo shoots right off the pages of the magazines, with archives going back to 2001. But, since that doesn't make for very much content they also give you a section with 8 models in "The Girls of Club" - exclusive content (about 500 pictures). The rest of the site consists of a few dozen leased galleries, video feeds, and movie clips. Unfortunately, they charge you for this package Megasites prices - but without the Megasite bang for the buck.

To be fair, I should mention a section called "25 Years of Club" which consists of about 30 photo shoots taken from the magazines 25 years of publication. Keep in mind that the "sexiness" of the older shoots isn't what we have become used to today.

The exclusive Club galleries are good quality, hi-res photo shoots with lots of hardcore material and many popular porn stars: Jenine, Jenna, Chloe, Lexus. Some of the Club Girls have short bios, and addresses to their fan clubs. It was also fun to see an old shoot of Marilyn Chambers in the "25 Years" section. This is all great stuff - there just isn't enough of it.

As I said, they make up for that with the leased content comprising 18 photo galleries. It was pleasing to see some of the better know names like Earl Miller and Ron Vogel among them. I was able to account for around 15,000+ pictures, it hard to know exactly - sometimes they list a number, sometimes not. Quality varies as usual. Much of this material you will have seen on the pirate sites. I was disappointed that the Earl Miller material was three or more years old - at least I remember it from back then.

There's only one site currently in the Voyeur Cam section. It's called Voyeur Dorm. I visited it 3 times on 3 different days and only 1 of the 13 cameras had a woman in it and she was busy on her computer. Must have been me, cause it says on the home page "AS SEEN ON TV". It *must* be busy sometime.

Thirty-seven "live" feeds. Quality here varies widely. Several of the links gave me "404 Page not found" errors. A couple took me to the wrong place. Several (most?) weren't live. Buried in among the feeds was a very cute animated XXX feature called "Time Tramp", which is getting lost here. It seems that the Webmaster isn't maintaining this section.

In the e-zine section you get access to some of the well known online adult e-zines like Vavoom and Cyberfold. The link to Gape e-zine takes you to an error page. Unfortunately, they choose to put links to the other 2 Club magazine sites in here where you would need to buy memberships to get access. Also in this section are 7 XXX comics which are always fun.

The most extensive area of the site is the XXX Videos area. The selection here is as varied as the quality, but remember these are the same videos you're going to get on any Megasite so Club is not responsible for the quality or content. There is actually some very good material in here if you have the time and patience to look for it. There are over 150 shows, though "show" is the wrong word for it. Some shows have dozens of movie clips some have just a couple. Some are long, some are short. A few take you to sample clips to entice you to buy access to the full-length video.

Here's what they say about updates: "Back Issues of Club can now be viewed (to be continually updated) Unlike other sites are [sic] site will be updated several times a month, and in most cases several time every week..." The "what's new" page is still listing updates from November, so I'm not really sure when they were made. They also say "PIX O' THE DAY are updated every day so make sure you keep coming back." I couldn't find anything called Pix o' the day, except a link that led to some ads.

One of their ads says, "Highest Quality Photos", which isn't accurate. The same ad also says, "over 300,000 images in our photo galleries! Club Online's collection is one of the worlds' most extensive collections of erotic photos!" I didn't seeing anywhere near 300,000 images. They might be there somewhere, buried in among the licensed photos. But if so, they aren't Club's photos.

1 month: $39.95
Free 3 day trial.

If you are a fan of Club magazine you will enjoy access to the back issues of the magazine. If you are looking for a Megasite with access to gazillion pictures and videos Club Online isn't the biggest but there is a lot of content and you might get your money's worth. If you are looking for a Megasite, we suggest you do some comparison shopping before you buy.


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