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Review of RedLight:

This is a mega site which in its nature holds tons of pictures and video clips and leased material for it's members. It's unpersonal it's medium quality and it's quite frankly boring.
BUT! I better start off properly otherwise this site will not get the review it deserves, because despite the before mentioned points, it's not a giving that you don't give your moneys worth.

Let's look at the pictures first because there are a lot. Because it's a mega site you can't choose your photo shoot by thumbnails, you just have to choose number from a dropbox and this not only confusing but you are also sure to visit a lot of the shoots again and again by mistake unless you actually write down which number you have checked out.

You can choose between the following categorys:
Orgies, Toys, Gangbangs, Threesomes, Couples, Girls, Fetish, Cumshots, Lesbians, Ethnics and a bunch of leased pictures which are really not of any interest.

The pictures range from below medium to good quality, it's never high quality but the pictures are of ridiculous big file sizes really. As an example I can mention a picture with the resolution 589*404 one would think this would be of 100K max, but actually it was 370 KB and for a grainy picture?..... This is guaranteed to annoy low bandwidth users to deat, as well as broadbanders too I guess ;)

I was a bit surprised that the videoclips were of pretty good quality. It was hard to find my way around through the clips but I got to see some good ones with sound, but mostly it was leased material, but some of this was really ok too.

Other than this all the rest is leased material e.g. the live sex feeds and the live chat feeds. It was all pretty, well boring really is the right word. When you visit the leased feeds you get a lot of popup windows to keep track of and you have to register to all kinds of things with your e-mail address to even talk to the girls, which you really shouldn't have to when you have actually paid.

I don't know how often this site is updated at all. The site does show "updates" but it simply says UPDATES, not when they updated at all, no schedule of any kind this is never good but then again with this kind of mega site the updated does not really matter, I doubt you would want to stay as member for very long anyway.

1 month: $34.95 (recurring)

I can't recommend this site, it's very medium at best, filled with material that you have seen a lot of places before from other sites to tgp's. I won't advertise the trial fee here if you are still interested in this site after reading this review you should go check it out yourself. This site is very average and boring in my book.


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