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Review of Real Janine:

You have probably heard of or seen Janine even if you are not aware of it. I though I did not know her but it turned out I had actually seen and heard of her a couple of times before. Janine does a lot of stuff with Howard Stern (for example the lesbian kiss on the Tonight Show, turns out that didn't go to well.) Also Janine has had a video tape stolen, a rather explicit one, and this was ofcourse made public, but don't worry she made quite a bit of money off it.

Janine is a what I would call a hot glamour babe, infact she is a really hot one so if you are into the whole glamour babes in softcore action this site is already promising. I think the site is actually done in close coorporation with the people behind, it appears that Janine has a tight connection with them and probably as a result of this the quality is good all around.

The pictures here kept me occupied for quite a while, looking at behind the scenes pictures, on the road pictures etc. The most impressive thing about her photo collection is the amount of famous photographers she has done shoots with, to mention a few: Earl Miller, Suze Randall, Ken Marcus, Stephen J. Hicks and more. All these photographers are specialists in shooting high class glamour pictures of hot babes, so the pictures are just as they are supposed to be.
The picture archive is not huge, nor is it small as such, medium sized would be a good word ;)

After looking through some pictures I stopped by to read her bio, well this certainly wasn't done in 2 minutes. She has written a bio so long that it's size is only surpassed by war & peace (exaggerating ofcourse), anyways it's long and you get a lot of very useful info if you are a fan. I'm not a fan and still there was some great reading here, some about Howard Stern, about the whole private tape episode and stuff like that. It says it's not complete yet and that she will update it later on, I hope so, but it's doubtful, I will get back to why.

The small amount of video clips that are here are great, I actually saw the greatest lesbian kiss I have ever seen with Janine and Jenna Jameson, *phew*. Unfortunately there is only around 16 clips so it doesn't really take long to get through it all.
The clips are all available in small/big sizes and they are all in Quicktime format so you need the player to see them. Also even the highest quality of the clips is not that high, they got great sound quality and that's good for the behind-the-scenes clips but the canvas size of the clips is small and maybe a bit more grainy that needeed. You should expect more from these high class sites I think, where the smooth look is very important to the end users. However I enjoyed the clips and if more were added more frequently it would be a hit.

I have made a few references to the updates in this review, and I do this because the site appears to be dying out. The latest update to the site was done in february and before that in december, so you have to expect that what you pay for is the site as is. This is not too bad a deal really if you look at the price, but the content here is quicly gone through in a week so after that you are kind of stuck.

Then you can ofcourse check out the leased Private Channels which are pretty good feeds for leased material, or you could talk to other members on the board which is very active, lots of posts every day, this leads me to believe that Janine has many fans out there.

1 month: $19.95


I think this is a nice fan site indeed where my only real problem is the lack of updates. The pictures are very nice and the few clips were great too. Janine is a babe and if you are not a fan, you might just become one.


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