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Review of Dai News:

Maybe I should just skip the usual introduction and let you all know that I have found the ultimate celeb picture resource on the net. In a futile attempt to find some flaws or drawbacks to this site, I finally gave up and added this site to my bookmarks so I never loose it again.

This is by far the most organized celeb site I have ever laid my eyes on, every possible step has been taken to ensure easy navigation for the end users, and this is a huge success. Taken into account that this site i maintained solely by one guy the information and guidance you meet here is nothing short of fantastic.

"...I started DAINEWS on July 22, 1998. I mainly see this site as a fun hobby. I have met a lot of great people on-line and have learned a lot about databases, hardware and programming while running it!"

He must have learned a great deal, and to illustrate this I have chosen to show off some screenshots here to show exactly how neatly categorized the pictures are and to explain how each pictures comes with an abundance of information.

Kirsten Dunst seems to be a hot name at the moment because of the whole Spiderman frenzy so I have used her as example through the rest of this review.

Here I am searching by name of celeb, dainews currently holds very close to 9000 celebs in it's archive so there should be a chance to find Kirsten Dunst. I could have browsed by first name or last name, here you just see me searching by last name.

Here you can see I found me a couple, 672 pictures all in all and 663 of them are NON-nude, nice info.

I clicked on her name and browsed through the pictures, here you can see that each thumbnail gives you all the information you could ever possible need about the picture. Q is for quality for 5 is the highest, N is for Nudity where 5 would mean completely nude, you also get the file size, it's resolution and the exact time it was added to the site, most impressive.

If you are not looking for any celeb in particular you can use this powerful interface which lets you choose what quality pictures you want, their nudity level and within which time range. This actually works perfectly and is not to be compared to the system some other porn sites use, which never really works.

Like said earlier this site is jam packed with statistics, and everything has been systemized (is that a real word?) right down to the smallest detail. You can always check out the top 100 celebs on this site, and I bet this gives a pretty good picture of which celebs are the hottest at the moment. You can always see exactly (down to the last second) how much time you have left of your membership period so if this comes as a surprise to you, don't blame dainews that's for sure.

Dainews currently holds: Total: 153,070 pictures where 43,284 are nude and 140 new pictures are added daily.
On top of all this Dainews also has a great billing policy, you buy access for 8 days at a time at $3.95 and if you don't cancel, you don't get rebilled, in other words, if you don't want to be a members after that period you aren't, this is a rare sight these days, but most welcome.

8 days: $3.95


If you are looking for celebrity pictures, you just found the ultimate site, sure you could go look through newsgroups till the cows come home, but you won't find it any easier than here to find what you are looking for. I recommend this site to all who are looking for celebs, be it nudie pictures or if you are just a fan looking for pictures of your idol. Highly recommended!


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