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Review of Sex Illustrated:

Another CEN (Cyber Entertainment Network) site is hitting the press here at pornliving, and this time it is my favorite of the lot. Almost all CEN sites equals high quality and hardcore sex in abundance, and this is in no way an exception. CEN has been around for many years now and it is no surprising that they are the leaders when it comes to hardcore mega sites, because quality and exclusive content has always gone hand in hand on their sites.

I will start off with some of the negatives, and these are the same annoyances on all the CEN sites. CEN does their own pictures, which means all pictures found here will only be found on CEN sites, however the "xxx videos" are not exclusive, infact they can not be downloaded, because it's all leased media feeds, so no mpegs or DivX here, one could hope they would offer this in the future.

The live video chats here are not all leased as such, but if you want to see any real nudity you have to pay to go 1 on 1 with the girls. Only thing you can do now is chat with them in their sexy lingeri which is ok I guess, you have a nice variety of girls to choose from and at times it's quite easy to fall into a conversation with them, if she notices you in the flood of people screaming to take her underwear off.

The big forte of this this mega site is its pictures, they are all of high quality and and you 100.000's of them, and they are all exclusive to CEN. The pictures can be found on other CEN sites too, so if you are already a member at one you should probably look for sites outside CEN next time you are thinking of signing up. The pictures are hardcore, very hardcore, blowjobs, anal sex, gang bangs... you name it, it's all here as well as softcore shots like regular posing or lesbians. The picture archive you get access to here is incredible and you will never get through it all (unless you mirror the site ofcourse).

No matter how big the picture archives get, they always get bigger, each month 6 new picture sets are added to the archives. I don't see the need for more updates, but this is what all sites have to do to make the members see that they are not just slacking off I suppose. The best thing is though that they do not rotate material, when a new update gets added they do not delete old pictures so you always have access to everything they have, very nice.

3-day Trial:
1 Month: $29.95

This site more than gives you, your moneys worth if you are looking for hardcore pictures, pornstar pictures or anything else, you will find it here. This comes highly recommended if you are not already member of any other CEN site.


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