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Review of Z Pornstars:

If all adult websites were like Zpornstars maybe you wouldn't need Pornliving to review them. They offer "top-grade high-resolution image series that met ... rigorous requirements, conveniently sorted to maximize your viewing experience". That's what they promise, and that's what you get.

The most popular porn stars are here: Briana Banks, Zoe Zelman, Bunny Love, Devon, Dezere, Jill Kelly, Paizley Adams, Sylvia Saint, Zdenka. You get the idea. The complete list is posted on their home page. You can find many of these models on other sites, I have seen some of these pictures elsewhere (some of the series have been posted on bootleg sites). They don't say that the content is exclusive, actually they tell you straight up that they are out buying this content for the site, in the future one could hope that they start shooting some exclusives for themselves.

This is a simple site to navigate, there is a section of softcore (nudity), hardcore (boy/girl), movies, and stories. You get plenty of each. There are over 300 photo series with 111 different models, half are hardcore, half softcore. Most of the series contain 100-150, high quality, hi-res (1024x768) photos (there is also an option for lo-res).

There is over 800 megabytes in 20 downloadable videos which also appear to be original at Zpornstars. These are not the short, 30 second, low-quality clips you get on many sites, but 12-112 megabyte hi-res videos which run from 6-60 minutes (the larger ones are broken up into managable 10 meg segments). Most of the clips are solo acts, though there are a few boy/girl movies. I would make one suggestion to the producers, and that is to lose the synthetic music soundtrack which appears on several of the films. Maybe they put those in to cover up the sound of the film crew, but I just found it distracting.

For those of you who enjoy your adult material in text form there are 33 different catagories: From Affairs and Amazons to Unfaithful and Vacations (not quite A to Z, but close). There are hundreds of stories, some a few paragraphs long, others are short novels.

The site is updated with 6 new photo sets or videos each week. It appears that older videos are removed from the site as new material is added since in May alone 6 new videos were added and there are 20 videos in total.

It's tempting to compare this site with becuase there is quite a bit of similarity. Many of the same models appear on both sites. The quality, and resolution of the photos and the size of the archives is also equivalent. But there are differences as well. Zpornstars 800+ meg of video and their story library is something you won't get with Suze. Zpornstars has much more hardcore content. The most significant difference, I believe, is in the sexual nature of the material. Suze Randall often raises the quality of porn to art and even her hardcore pictures can be more artistic than erotic. Zportnstars content is meant to be erotic. No fancy lighting, poses, sets, costumes, or role playing here. This is sex for the sake of sex. is also $10.00 more a month than Suze.

1 month: $39.95
3 day trial: $2.95
(remember to cancel membership if you do not wish to stay a member!)

This is a case where you get what you pay for. it High quality photos and videos of attractive, pornstars doing what they do best, doing well, and enjoying it. If you find your favorite pornstars listed here you should be very satisfied with what you find inside.


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