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Review of Erotic 4 U:

This review was written under quite a lot of pressure I would say, erotic4u's webmaster e-mailed me the following message before I did the review:
"Ok, you get access for 24 hours. Less than 5 stars would be a surprise!"

I'm not used to this kind of pressure and this kind of arrogance usually ticks me off, and you are tempted to trash the site just a little to put him in his place aren't you? Well giving the circumstances that would of course not be fair and it would be a poor review, let's instead look at what this site is really all about.

The whole site is about video clips, pure and simple, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Mainly these are clips of celebrity’s nude or dressed lightly (bikinis, bathing suits etc.). They boast to have the biggest archive or clips on the Internet and I must admit I don't think I have seen anything bigger. It's tempting to compare this site to because they are dealing with the exact same material; erotic4u simply seems to be doing it on a much bigger scale.

The celebrities are the main focus here, which usually means tv/popstars or the likes, just as it does here. They do feature a nice collection of other celebrities too, the porn stars, these are found in a "hardcore" section on the site so this is where you get your PORN freak on really and download uncensored mpegs female porn stars in hardcore action.

The quality of the clips range from quite poor to pretty good, I didn't see a clip where I really thought "wow! nice quality", but this is to be expected since most of the clips are ripped from vhs recordings, straight off the tv or whatever media you can think of really. Giving the circumstances you can't ask for perfect rips, and I don't in no way, I find the celebrity clips to be very enjoyable with a quality that is quite fair for these types of clips. It's also important to remember that a lot of different people rip these clips so you will of course get variation of quality.

I saw clips in mpeg format, divx 3.11 and divx 4.x so this is what you can expect, to view the divx clips you need a divx codec of course, if you are in doubt ask the staff.

Where this site really shows its strength is its huge archive of clips it doesn't look like they will ever take down old material and rotate it with new clips, the archive stays complete despite the fact that they must take up lots and lots of gigabyte hard disk space. In short the content gives you your moneys worth if you are looking for celeb clips and the updates are still very frequent. The site is always updated 4 times a month with a minimum of 10 clips it seems, but usually more and sometimes a lot more.

A lot of effort must have been put into the navigation of the site. Of course you can browse your celebs alphabetically or you can use the search engine to locate them by first/last names whatever you have. When you browse through the clips you always get a thumbnail pictures of the clip and useful information to go along with it. Next to the thumbnail you can see the following: what media type it is, who made the rips, how big is the size, how long is the clip, what resolution it is in and if the clip has belonging sound. A lot of them also has a direct link to IMDB's feature on that celeb, very nice.

Eroctic4u further stands out in its close contact with it's members. As an example, they have the "coming soon" section where you get 50 or more clips to vote for, for the next update, that means the members decides what the next update will contain. The message board on the site also seems to be working rather well, the members were talking together about clips, even exchanging them or erotic4u staff will join in on the discussion and fulfill the requests the members might have.

1 month: $19.95

In short this is the best resource I have ever seen for celeb clips ever. I would spend a long time here going through nude models video clips, adult stars hardcore clips or all the regular celeb material, sadly erotic4u gave me only 24 hours here and I am thankful for just that. High recommended.


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