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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4

Prices: Special: $9.95/30 days (Reg. $12.95), rebills at $19.95
$50.00/90 days
$150.00/365 days

Review of Wifeys World:

Wifey's world is the site of a "thirty-something" well-endowed woman and her "Hubby". They enjoy having sex and it shows. There are over two years of pictures archived on the site. Lots of Wifey nude, Wifey giving head, Wifey getting a facial (lots and lots and lots of facials), Wifey getting it from in front, and doggy style, and lots of fantasy role playing. Rather than playing to the camera, it was a clear that they were just doing what comes naturally; the camera just happened to be there.

"I really get off knowing that many men. women and couples are getting off watching us doing the things that we LOVE to do. As you may have noticed, we don't do the banner nightmare thing, we don't do the never ending popup thing, and we don't rip people off! We fuck and suck (to put it bluntly :), and have one hell of a good time doing it. Do you like seeing a big boobed woman getting titfucked? Do you like seeing a woman actually swallowing a big load of sperm? Like seeing a woman have an ACTUAL orgasm? Then join our site, you won't be disappointed :)"

(Speaking of orgasms, I have never seens any woman come to orgasm as fast as Wifey. It seems to take about 30 seconds. And yes, she says they are for real.)

In addition to the picture galleries and videos Wifey has a weekly column (plus pictures) in which she writes a few sentences about that weeks shoot. If it is a fantasy shoot, the column is written "in character". But these are very short, just a few sentences, and don't seem worth the bother. On the other hand there is a porn-comic written by Wifey and sex cartoons, sex games, and a cute animated Dr. Wifey sex advisor. These additions are very imaginative and fun though there are only a few of each and it's not clear how often they are updated.

An erotica section contains recordings of Wifey answering Hubby's sex related questions. There is also a chat room to which Wifey is rumored to drop in now and again. But there is no schedule for her visits and she didn't show up the couple of times I was there.

Finally there is a section of "friends" of Wifey. They say that these are "friends and members of" but they all appear to be amateur models who are advertising their own web sites. Each model has about 30 photographs, which range from nudity to blow jobs (and of course, lots of facials). It's not clear how often this section is updated but with close to 120 models there are over 3000 pictures in this section alone.

Wifey and hubby work hard to add variety and excitement to their material and this is reflected in the variety of scenes, the role playing photo shoots, and the cartoons and miscellaneous. Still, the videos get to be kind of repetitious since only the two of them appear. There is nothing kinky and no fetishes. Just a loving couple making love.

I suspect that their best audience would be couples who want to add some spice to their own sex lives by watching how another couple does it. Of course, if you like large breasts and facials you are also sure to be entertained.

A new photo shoot is added about once a week, each containing about 50 shots for a total of over 6000 pictures online. There are also about 80 downloadable 2 minute long mpegs. The pictures are 640x480 and look like they came from a digital camera.

Either their site is busy, or they purposely limits the number of concurrent streams with which you can connect to their site. When I am capturing large (10-20 Mbytes) videos I normally use a download accelerator and download 3 or 4 at a time. Wifey's world wouldn't let me do that. Nor could I open several browser windows and download several pictures at a time. At most I could download 2 pictures or videos concurrently, sometimes only 1. This must be a way for them to keep their costs down.


There is no question that you get your money's worth from Wifey's World. There is plenty of content, Wifey is attractive, and the pictures and videos are clear and sharp. If you enjoy straight sex, large breasts, and cum shots galore you will enjoy this site. Porliving certainly feel that this site stands out from others in this category and we highly recommend this site.


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