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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $26.00/30 days (Reg. $36.00), rebills at $36.00
$75.00/90 days

Review of Amateur Allure:

This is probably a very new site, because what really counts against this one is its low content. First off you should know this is a very hardcore amateur site with blowjobs/swallowing as its main attraction.

At present time 44 girls are featured here, they all have 6 photo sets available, most if not all of them are just a single session divided into 6 sets. Video clips for the girls are still being added to every girl, but already most of the girls has belonging video clips, also divided into 6 clips per session. Now the page does say that there are 43 girls in the members' area and there actually is. However if you wish to see the rest you have to look in the "features" section, this section contains more video clips of girls who are not found in the models section, also these features do not include pictures.

Like I mentioned bj's are really focused on here, close to all the girls are shot giving a bj and upon completion they like to swallow the load in various imaginative ways.

I find the QuickTime clips nice to view, it's very explicit and quite enjoyable for sure, but the size and the quality definitely could be better. Quality is probably compromised to satisfy low bandwidth users, still I liked the clips but the small size kind of robs you of a very good experience.

Also what disappointed me a great deal was the fact that the bj still pictures quality could be very low. 2 of the girls had very grainy still pictures that looked like they had been dumped straight from the QuickTime clips, others were rather sharp and nice quality but small in size still.

The content is expanding with video clips added once a week at present time, exactly how often new models arrive or how frequent the updates are is hard to say.

This site has solved the navigation problems in a rather interesting way. Instead of actually browsing in normal full sized browser, everything is browsed through in a pop up window which of course ensures the same look in both low as well as high resolution users. It's not a bad idea as such but it can be quite confusing at first, after a while you get used to it though. I did run into a few annoyances here as well. One thing that bugged me constantly was the fact that sometimes the thumbnails were clickable and other times they weren't that gave me an uneven experience with the navigation.

No doubt I find this price too high for the amount of content you will find here. To really enjoy this site you must be a hardcore amateur/BJ fan and not mind a bit of low quality in the mix. I think this site is low on content and quality and it overcharges its members so I can't really recommend this one at all.


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