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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG

Prices: Special: $12.50/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$89.95/365 days

Review of Seska:

Seska is the name of the girl featured here, the site is run by her and her "soul mate" James it seems. Ofcourse you have gathered by now that this is an amateur site, and one of the better ones for sure. This is mainly because Seska is just so damn charming, pretty and has a great body the rest of the site is just a perk.

Ofcourse it's never enough to have the looks if you put up a paysite, it takes dedication and a bit of know-how. On the dedication side Seska definately keeps up, her site is updated with a new photo shoot or mpeg video clip on an everyday basis, and this ofcourse means that the content here is already big.
There are two picture sections and one video section. It appears the videosection is running a videoclip rotation, meaning that older clips go offline to make way for new ones. This is probably nescesary because around 6-7 new clips get added each week and they take up a lot of space. I liked the video clips very much and must admit I would have liked an archive to dive into for more Seska clips, but new ones are arriving all the time so.....

The picture sections are devided into:
Fantasy pictures
This contains various hard/sofcore pictures with various fetish themes and some story shoots.
Real Life Pictures
These are pictures of Seska and James with various friends in various situations, hardcore sex, lesbian action, posings everything really, taken out their everyday life.

Some other stuff you can check out here is her live chats with the members. Seska can be seen on Rosecam, actually I went to look at next weeks schedule and she would be on there twice, niiice. You have to keep up with the schedule which isn't that hard. I haven't watched a live session yet, but I'm gonna try and catch her show in 2 days.

- I didn't catch the live chat because it was too late for me, but another pornliving reviewer caught the act and here is his observation:

Very good quality. Both audio and video. No fooling around. Got right to the hard stuff after about five minutes with her husband.
I am starting to appreciate that it must be hard work (no pun intended) to keep the sex steamy when you do it for a living. Cause they
were working at it. This wasn't that they had the hots for each other...they had a schedule to keep. The best real-time I've seen.

Another funny thing are the dirty .wav files. Here you can hear Seska say some really nasty stuff and for once I actually found .wav files exciting. There is also a members web board where you can talk with other members or Seska.

The quality of both the pictures and videoclips are much better than what is offered on many similar amateur sites. The pictures are very sharp and big in resolution, actually very pleasant to look at. The videoclips are of good quality too with sound and again in high resolution, but maybe just a tad bright. But quality is definately good all around.

I don't know know the exact amount of content here but it's plenty and with the daily updates, members never get bored. I did miss something in the navigation though. I wasn't hard to find my way around at all, but when you are shuffling through pages with nothing but a next and previous button you something have to start all over and shuffle back to the page you got to. Maybe a page index would be nice here. All sessions were nicely arranged though with a thumbnail and a good description of that session, nice. This setup might also be used for the mpeg clips as well, right now you just get a name of an mpeg and download that, maybe grouping the clips and make belonging descriptions here too?

This is by far one of the best amateur girl/couples sites I have seen in a very long time. The quality is great, Seska is beautiful, lots of content, daily updates, videoclips, live video chat the works. I am a new born Seska fan, and if you are into true amateur stuff you will be too, highly recommended.


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