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Review of LV Panty:

I do have a few other reviews to be done first at the moment I guess, but I moved this site up in priority because I have a small panty fetish myself and could therefore not wait to see if this site gets away with it. Make no mistake people, this site really is for panty lovers, others may apply but it's panties allround.

The site is run by a guy who studied commercial photography in college, that combined with his own panty fetish has spawned this site. When asked why he likes panties so much he says:

"Why doesn't everyone have a PANTY fetish? Panties are like a beautiful wrapping on a christmas present!!! It's as much fun to imagine what's inside as it is to finally get inside!!!"I

Righ on I say, you tell 'em Mark. His own obvious love for panties is probably what makes this site stand out from any other panty oriented site I have seen. is a softcore site without a doubt, and this is what it wants to be known as. A lot of models here are first timers, but Mark also says that he does use pro models. If you read about him he also states that after he shot some of the girls they go onto to do photoshoots for other magazines or websites, but it's worth mentioning that everything on this site is 100% exclusive and will not be found anywhere else.

The first thing that really surprised me was the nice categorys to browse through. Now maybe you are already a pantylover since you are reading this, but maybe you also have a special "sub"-preference, maybe you like see-through panties, maybe cotton or even nylon panties are the best in your opinion. Well it has been devided into 9 different panty categories to make it easier to find your preference. (I'll go for the see throughs any day of the week!)

Quality is good all around and lately it seems Mark is starting to add all sites with .zip downloads available, and some shoots also have a "supersized pictures" option available. Sadly not all shoots have supersized pictures, that could have been nice, looking at the up close panty shots really is a pleasure in huge sizes. (ex. 1152*1728).

I can't get a fix on exactly how many different models there are here because when you browse through the models index, models are listed more than once if they have several photo shoots. No doubt this can be done better browsable with one section per girl which also makes it easier to get an overview. Anyways if I was a betting man I would say there are about 85 models according to lvpanty, where some of them do several shoots. All in all there are supposed to be 5000+ panty pictures, and I guess I'll believe that.

The site is updated once a week so far, with 2-3 shoots, which is a nice update pace for the members, but I would like to point out an annoyance for me.

Apparently this site has been growing steadily since '98 with weekly additions of photos, and this means lvpanty got too big......? Therefore a lot of the pictures are moved to two different archive sites and access to these are not included in your lvpanty membership. This was disappointing to me, I don't like beeing made aware of the existence of more photos and be told that if I want to see more I have to pay more, when I already paid once. There is an explanation for this and it all boils down to a money issue, but still....

There is no doubt in my mind that these were some of the very best panty photos I have ever seen and I love the site despite a few annoyances, one being the archive, another might be the design. I like the panty categories, that's easy to navigate, but the look of the site makes me feel like I'm back in the early '90s and the I would have liked the models index to show only one model at a time and then an option to choose her various shoots.

1 month: $14.95

Panty lovers stop in here and put your feet up, this site will please you in every way. The price is fair and it's no bullshit, but all panties. Mark the webmaster told me that he will soon be adding video clips to the site, also panties and also exclusive, that truly will be a treat.
This site is as said 100% softcore and if you are not a panty lover you won't get a kick out of this site I guess, but this site comes highly recommended for panty lovers!


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