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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats:

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Puffy Network Mobile:

Three sites make up this mobile network called Puffy Network and they all focus on different niches. The first is puffy pussies (with the help of pussy pumps). The second is pissing girls and the last is babes who like to suck (and fuck). 

So what makes a network "puffy," you ask? Well, I don't know. What I do know is that the sitename probably came from one of the sites that makes up the network, Wet And Puffy. On it babes use pumps to puff up their vagina lips before using their fingers and various toys to fuck both their sweet holes.

The other two sites that complete PuffyNetworkMobile are Wet And Pissy and We Like To Suck. They both seem pretty self-explanatory, no? With Wet And Pissy not only do the chicks do a lot of pissing, but they also fuck themselves and many also give their urine a taste, either from a glass or, as I saw in one scene, right off the floor. On We Like To Suck the chicks give head and many also get fucked.

As for the site itself, it looks good. They obviously spent some time on the design and it pays off. Where I wish they had spent more time was with the pagination.

The good thing about there being so many pages is it means that there is a lot of content. As I write this, there are 881 videos and 842 photo sets. You can browse the entire collection at once or select one of the sites to check out on its own.

There are also a few sorting options and a basic search engine. You can also save scenes to your favorites, which you can access from your "my profile" section.

The pictures look great and the videos look excellent. You get a few files to choose from and going with one of the higher ones I was definitely not disappointed by the crisp and clear video. Still more good news is that all three network sites are updating at a good enough pace that in the last 30 days there have been 12 new movies.

My Final Verdict:

Puffy Network allows fans of puffy vaginas an outlet to see those pussies in action while on the go. Get a membership to this mobile site and enjoy the vast variety of vaginas that you'll see. 


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