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Review of Devon XXX:

Devon is a vivid porn star these days, but Devon has also done some shoots for some magazines like penthouse and others. Her biography on the page didn't really reveal much about her other than she is now in the adult entertainment business, and that's about it.

It's a pretty standard site that probably could have been reviewed in 10 lines or so. Again I'm a bit handicapped by never having heard of Devon and I can't help but feeling that I had a nice time at her page.

Devon looks like your typical porn star (no offence), she's a "babe" looking blonde with big breasts, implants and the obligatory lipstick look (you know what I mean). By now you should have gotten the picture I think, but I will add that I think she also has a cute face.

The first thing I notice as always is the nice slick design which is both pleasant and functional. Already the site gets a nice mark in my magic grading book.

I think I will do my usual "what's in here" routine for you to know how much material we are talking about here:

What's in here? (did you see that coming?)
- 48 solo scenes
- 13 lesbian scenes
- 18 boy/girl scenes (and maybe and extra girl or two here as well)
- 4 fetish scenes (nothing groundbreaking)
- 15 behind the scenes....scenes
- 27 video clips in QuickTime format

I was quite happy with the quality all around, luckily all the hardcore shots are not just VHS dumps from her movies, they are actually sharp still pictures and they are hardcore. All around the quality is kept pretty good, the pictures have been glossed up a tad but it all works out nicely with the result: sharp pictures.

Also the video clips were fun to watch. It's QuickTime and I never expect too much of those, but you get a nice size (not all that big) screen to look at and it's nice quality too with sound. I pretty much checked out all the hardcore video clips.

It seems she does some live video chats with her members but there is no schedule and I didn't see any announcements of her next appearance here, so it seems pretty useless.

The updates are hard to get a fix on because they don't exactly advertise how often they update. They do tag all the pictures with the dates they were added but they are not listed in chronological order so I can't really tell.

- I was lying here, only in the members area is where you can't tell, if you go to the front page of the site outside members area you will see a new scene is added almost every day, sorry about that.

1 month: $24.95

Yes indeed this is a porn star on the web, and we have seen plenty of those. Devon does a fair job with her page and gives something for the fans. Other will enjoy it too I guess but the content is too small, the price is about $5 over and even her biography is the shortest one I've read to date. If you are a fan of Devon I can recommend you this site for sure, others might look for another porn star site.


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