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Review of JJ1 Club:

Here I am, ready to write a porn review with a big fat smile on my lips. Granted I knew this site tried to be different, but I had no idea what I was in for. If I should make a quick introduction that could cover this site I would say: "porn gone flash".

This is a brand new approach, the likes I for one haven't seen yet. It can be quite hard to explain exactly what "theme" is here but let's try. The point is to capture some certain motions that these women do and show it to you in super high quality motion sequences. An example could be jumping jacks (all the girls do this one ofcourse). A jumping jack (for all you non-english people out there) is the old gym excercise we have all done in school, where you in a jump move your hands over your head while you spread your legs to the sides, and in the next jump reverse this.

These flash animation kindly given to us from should
explain things better, REMEMBER the animations are a lot bigger at

If you think real hard I'm sure you will remember yourself standing at the gym looking at workout women doing this very excercise and I bet you caught yourself think "I'd like to see them do that naked", just see those titties bounce. Well this is your chance to do just that. Is that a weird idea? Ofcourse! Is it a bit bizarre? Maybe! But it's also very entertaining and can be quite erotic to look at as well.

The technique that is used all takes place in flash (.swf) files, if you do not have Flash 5 you should download this before joining the site. To demonstrate exactly what these clips are we are gonna try to get permission to display one .swf file here for you so you can get an idea of what exactly this new technique does.

At this time there are 35 models who has been captured in flash animation and it's definately not boring to go through. All the girls have big natural breasts (maybe not all) and they are delightful to look at jumping up and down or shaking from side to side, you really have to see it. The quality is great and its fun to look at it frame by frame or zooming in just once and look at the motions.

The site is faily new I gather and this can explain why it doesn't have more models yet, also it is run by just one guy (like pornliving) who does everything himself. This is probably also why the site only gets updated with one new model a month. Now granted you get a minimum of 20 flash animations of each girl and some still shots nice put into flash as well for quick browsing. But still..... I think the site should aim at 3 new models a month, but again this is also a money issue.

1 month: $14.95

I had a great time here, it was new and well done, it was erotic and it visualized quite a few boyish fantasies for me. The price fits the amount of content you get. I can truly recommend this if you are into trying something new. All thumbs up, good job, great idea.

- Thanks to for his great coorporation


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